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State Champs Return to London

The hottest day of the year in England wasn’t going to slow State Champs down!

State Champs Are ‘Just Sound’ Live In London!

Kings Of The New Age? More like Kings Of The Best Concert we’ve ever seen!

State Champs Is Going On Tour, Here’s Our Dream Kings Of The New Age Tour Setlist!

State Champs are about to be the kings of the STAGE

BOYS LIKE GIRLS’ New Song Is Speaking Our ‘LANGUAGE’

This song transcends ‘LANGUAGE!’

10 Songs We Absolutely Strut To

From dark electro pop to post-hardcore, we have a song for everyone to strut to.

3 Songs By Gold Bloom To Get You Hyped For Their Upcoming EP Hazy

‘Hazy’ has us so hazy with excitement, we have 3 songs for you to ‘patiently’ wait to.

‘Hypnos’ With ‘Vampire Mansion:’ Our New Fav Alt-Pop Band!

From their portal of the internet from Birmingham, AL, these guys have brought a new touch to the music scene.

Against the Current Won’t Be ‘blindfolded’ Anymore

We see a new ATC era in our future

Games We Play Got A Job And His New EP Is The Result

If you search up modern day Pop-Punk in a dictionary Games We Play comes up

We’re 100% In Love With Young Culture’s New Album You Had to Be There

You have to listen to this album ASAP