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Get Ready For WHO CARES? With These Five Rex Orange County Songs

Get to know how ‘Amazing’ Rex Orange County is with these songs!

Jagwar Twin Is A ‘Loser’ Just Like Us!

We cannot get enough of Jagwar Twin, and we want you to be as obsessed as we are.

PVRIS Release ‘My Way’ In The Most Perfect Way

This new PVRIS song has us screaming at the top of our lungs.

Siiickbrain Brings Us The ‘Zombie’ Apocalypse We Never Knew We Needed

Honestly jealous of her dancing skills in her new video!

CITY AND COLOUR - Chicago, IL - September 21st, 2021

City And Colour Is Back And Better Than Ever!

City and Colour are back and better than ever!

Love and Power Rises Halsey To The Top Of The Charts

Halsey’s album is on top of the charts and we are lovin’ it!

Radiohead’s KID A MNESIA Triple Crown Is Coming

We won’t forget the good old Radiohead classics with KID A MNESIA!

ICYMI: Royal & the Serpent Hit Webster Hall ‘Better’

Pack your ‘Fanny Pack’ for when you hear this: Royal & the Serpent hit the stage of Webster Hall with a sound crossing devilish and spunky.

A Warped Tour Revival Playlist: The Scene Isn’t Dead!

Revive your little pop-punk heart with our playlist!

Meet Me @ The Alter

Meet Me @ The Altar Goes Acoustic Featuring Dan Campbell

The future is female! and punk rock.