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BTS Picked ARMY’s Favorite Songs And Now We’re Planning Our Dream Concert

Are you ready for the emotional concert that BTS has made for you?

Ben Barnes Has Us Obsessed!

No more wishing upon a star, just wishing at ’11:11.’

Loud and Sad Radio Ep. 5

Loud And Sad Radio Ep. 5: Excellent Errors, Moving Movies, & More

Everything makes us cry, but only some things make Pete Wentz cry.

Loud And Sad Ep. 4

Loud And Sad Radio Ep. 4: Disney, Dude Ranch & Darth Vader

Things are getting seriously spacey.

Loud and Sad Radio Episode Three

Loud And Sad Radio Episode 3: Email Emergencies & Tales of Toast

Things get toasty.

Loud and Sad Radio

Loud And Sad Radio EP. 2: Flinstones, Fatherhood, and Flashbacks

Find us fan-girling over fatherhood on this weeks episode of Loud and Sad Radio

Loud and Sad Radio with host Pete Wentz

Loud And Sad Radio With Heartthrob Host Pete Wentz

More than an emo-hearthrob-hottie, Pete Wentz adds radio host to his resume!