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Max Drazen

Kick Off Summer The Right Way With Max Drazen

Max Drazen makes us feel all warm and fuzzy!

Falling In Love With Calling Cadence’s New Single Is ‘Just The Way It Goes’

We guarantee you’ll love them as much as we do.

female musicians, alessandra boldrini, renforshort, bee arnold, kailee morgue, alexa cappelli

Rising Stars: 5 Fierce Female Musicians Who Have Us Captivated

Female powerhouses pack a punch!.

Our Sights Are Set On Khamari And His New Single ‘Doctor, My Eyes’

We’ll say it now, Khamari is about to be everyone’s new favorite artist. 

Marvell’s New Single ‘Needle’ Hit Us In The Best Way Possible

If you haven’t checked out Marvell, you’re missing out, honey!

We’re ‘Weightless’ After Listening To Eden Hunter’s Debut Single

When we get too low, we listen to Eden Hunter!

Louis The Child Livingston

Freak Out Alert: Louis The Child And Livingston Have Dropped ‘Hole In My Heart’

The Euphoria is real, besties!

On The Rise – Indigo

Got caught up in feelings that I shouldn’t have…

On The Rise – Elizabeth Leslie

Wanting To Be Free …

On The Rise – Andria Piperni

We’ve only a few good years left now, Yeah that’s what they say.. But who’s really counting anyway!