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Sweet Releases To Sweeten Up Your Monday

Sweet Mama, It’s those Sweet Releases

Sweet Releases – The Sweetness Is As Sweet As Ever

Here to make your day even sweeter than candy

Sweet Releases

Sweet Releases: A New Load of Ear Candy Just For You

This playlist is a double-fister! We hope you’re … ambidextrous 🌚

Bands On The Rise: 10 Up and Comers You NEED To Start Stanning

Need some new bands to stan? You’ve come to the right place!

Sweet Releases Brings You Sweet Melodies

A spoonful of sugar helps the sadness fade away

Sweet Releases — Our Christmas Gift To You.

Say, these new releases aren’t too shab-bee

Sweet Releases You Can’t Miss Out On!

You don’t wanna miss what we have been listening to this week at THP!