chase atlantic

Painted Flowers

Painted Flowers Launched In Fashion Industry With A Bang!

Your newest fashion obsession!!!!!

Chase Atlantic x Maggie Lindemann: A Collab We Needed

This collab tops our charts!

OHMAMI Chase Atlantic

‘OHMAMI’ Chase Atlantic Made Our Wishes Come True!

Chase Atlantic aka kings of knowing exactly what their fans want

DE’WAYNE Has The Tunes To Liven Up Even The Most Boring Work Days

DE’WAYNE is killing it, and he’s ready to take over the world (of music that is!).

Chase Atlantic Shows Us The BEAUTY IN DEATH

When we tell you this album is a trip, we mean it

Chase Atlantic Blow The House Down With ‘Out The Roof’

Australian RnB rockers, Chase Atlantic are cruising into 2020 with their first single and music video!