Qing-Feng Wu Made His Summer Entry To Our Playlists With A Double Vinyl Set!

Emotions have no limitations, but they can always be accompanied by a piano thanks to Qing-Feng.

Jinsol Woo Takes Us Through Attachment With A New EP

Simple is not a thing for Jinsol. Check out his first EP!

Genevieve Stokes’ New EP Got Us ‘Catching Rabbits’ This Easter

Genevieve is the new Alice, come catch some rabbits, you’re still on time!

We Are ‘Never Going Unplugged’ With Circa Waves!

They brought back their nervy, melodic indie rock, but this time with an acoustic touch.

‘Trap’ KangPyo’s Stop Motion Song That Stopped Our Hearts!

We stealthily walked into his ‘trap’ and now we are obssesed.

SG5 The Sailor Senshis Of Gen Z Hit 4 Million Views!

Someone call 911! These girls debut is on fire!