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jokes on you the bedroom ballets

jokes on you: the bedroom ballets Live Album From guccihighwaters

What’s better than bedroom ballets? Nothing.

The Hidden Treasure? guccihighwaters’ Video for ‘Rock Bottom’

We’d brave the desert if it meant finding guccihighwaters there.

You Talkin’ ‘Bout, You Talkin’ ‘Bout Gravy? We Are. ‘oops!’ Video Out Now!

Oops! Yung Gravy’s finesse has us in a frenzy yet again…

jokes on you

jokes on you: guccihighwaters emotional masterpiece

Sending us into softboi overdrive, guccihighwaters delivers EP jokes on you


Guccihighwaters’ New Song Makes Us Wanna ‘hold somebody’

guccihighwaters has us in our bags, ready to ‘hold somebody,’ or anybody.


The Kid LAROI: ‘Tragic’ Visual Is Catastrophically Righteous

We’re feeling Righteous about The Kid LAROI, wonder why?

guccihighwaters: Breaks Out Of ‘Straight Jacket’ & Into The Scene

The water is high, but gucci has us prepared.

Juice WRLD Came & Went, But Not Before Inspiring The Industry

Ground-breaking punk-rock-rap energy, fans can’t get enough.

Casanova’s MGK & YUNGBLUD Cover ‘Champange Supernova’

We’ve been more than open about how much we fancy Machine Gun Kelly and YUNGBLUD- but we couldn’t help but say it a little more

Remembering Juice WRLD: Gone “Too Soon”

A beautiful soul with a huge heart, that will live in ours forever.