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Architects’ Latest Album Is ‘No Ordinary Extinction’

Architects are back and they’re back with a bang!

The Pretty Reckless Have a New Music Video for ‘And So It Went’ and We’re Pretty Obsessed

The Pretty Reckless have a pretty hot music video out for their new single ‘And So It Went’ and we’re beside ourselves with excitement!

Bring Me The Horizon Give Everyone A Lesson In Metal

Dear Diary, we can’t stop listening to Bring Me The Horizon…

Australian Rock Powerhouses: Hands Like Houses New Single ‘Space’

Space? We want Hands Like Houses closer!

Volbeat + YouTube: You Have Less Than 72 Hours

Talk about a throwback, get excited to live the 2010 era Volbeat live from your couch.

Trivium’s Chilling Music Video: What The Dead Men Say

Trivium is giving us chills with their new music video, the timing making it all the more potent.