nct 2020

13 NCT Performances That Take Our Breath Away

More like 13 times NCT made us scream for minutes, but, you get it.

The Mood Maker Of NCT: Johnny Suh

If we get paid every time Johnny made us laugh, we’d be RICH.

Mark Lets It All Out In ‘Child’

Mark beings out all the feels in ‘Child.’

Fanlanthropy: Jaemin and the Results of A Caring Heart

We ‘La La Love’ what NCTzens are doing for Jaemin’s birthday!


Fashion Fix: Ten’s Light Stripe Knit Sweater

It’s ‘Only Human’ to wanna twin with Ten on a bargain!

How 2020 Was The Year Of Johnny

2020: The Year of Johnny

How NCT Made 2020 Their Year

2020 was horrible year, but not for NCT.

NCT Show Us That They Are Going to Resonate

“Ayo, listen up!”

NCT Are Showing Us Some ’90s Love’ With Pt.2 of NCT 2020

We can’t get enough of this ’90’s Love’

Need More NCT? Part Two of NCT 2020 Is Right Around The Corner

We are both ready (and not ready) for more NCT