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5 Blur Songs To Get You Hyped For The Ballad Of Darren

It was so difficult to pick just 5 with how many hits Blur have made over the years!

Only Child Is Ready To Be The SRS ONE

We are nothing but Only Child stans!

‘LOVE IS A…’ Given When It Comes To PVRIS

‘LOVE IS A…’ murder for PVRIS but we couldn’t not be in love with her if we tried!

‘Throw A Dice’ And Hope The Planets Align With XODIAC

No two stars in the sky are alike, just as no two groups in K-pop are alike. Here is XODIAC!


Four Of Our Favorite Songs From ENHYPEN’s DARK BLOOD

We are loving the spooky vibes!

Josh Hicks Stuns With Debut Single, ‘Self Seeking (The Highest Order Of Selfishness)’

This song is a reminder for you to surround yourself with the best kind of people!

It’s Gonna Be Christmas In June When Gracie Abrams Releases The Deluxe Version Of Good Riddance!

Good Riddance to all things not about Gracie Abrams!

Jack Kane’s Shiner Has Everything We Need

This entire EP speaks to us so much!

Nice To Meet You, Austin: Here’s Why We Can’t Wait For Post Malone’s Fifth Album

We’re not in ‘Mourning’ anymore!

Fresh Music Friday: Goo Goo Dolls, Leith Ross, And More!

Leith Ross wrote ‘I’d Have To Think About It’ so they are automatically in a class of their own.