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Olly Murs Just Dropped Our Newest Party Anthem

Olly Murs drops new single ‘I Hate You When You’re Drunk.’

We’re Ready To ‘Take The Ride’ Back Into Our Story Of The Year Obsession

You don’t have to ask us twice to ‘Take The Ride’ into some new Story Of The Year music!

‘Forgive Me’ If BoA’s New Mini-Album Is All We Can Think About

We ‘Hope’ we can convince you to check it out!

Allow Us To Improve Your Playlists: JP Saxe & More!

We couldn’t possibly gatekeep all this incredible music!

Sophia Alexa’s Before I Go Feels Like Therapy To Us

We’re in our feels

We’re Filled ‘With Love From’ The New Aly & AJ Video!

Aly & Aj release new music video for their single ‘With Love From.’

Emblem3 Is Back And We’re Feeling A Complete ‘Rush’

First and foremost we are Emblem3 fans here at The Honey POP!


It’s Not ‘Difficult’ To Love Gracie Abrams And The Circle Sessions

Raise your hand if you’re officially a Gracie Abrams OG.

Joni Mitchell sitting down with Elton John.

What We Learnt When Joni Mitchell Sat Down With Elton John For A Rare Interview

We’ve seen Joni from ‘Both Sides Now!’

4 Times We Gasped Because Of B.I’s Love or Loved Part.1

This album is gonna keep us up all night!