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The Bees Knees Explores The Rocking World Of Music!

What’s your mood this week? The Bees Knees have anything you need!

mia berrin in the death of a cheerleader video

Pom Pom Squad Has A New Album On The Way!

If it’s awesome new music the people want, then awesome new music they shall receive!

emmit fenn

Emmit Fenn Takes Us Far From Here With His New Album

New favourite artist alert, people!

Tayla Parx Has An Important Message For Us In Coping Mechanisms

Grammy nominated singer and songwriter Tayla Parx has many Coping Mechanisms to get over a breakup and how to self-care!

Sweet Releases: New Music To Cure Your Craving’s

New music is the sweetest treat of the week!

Sweet Releases Are Here To Sweeten Things Up!

Sweet Releases so good you’ll be craving more.

Our Sweet Releases Allow You To Have Your Cake And Eat It, Too!

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Kick Those Cravings With This Week’s Sweet Releases

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Weekly Punk With A Pop — That Packs A Punch!

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Sweet Releases- Sweetheart Sadness

Ahh, sweet, sweet, release(s).