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Binge-Worthy Buzz: See What’s Buzzing This Week

Wanna know a secret? This week is full of awesome new content!

binge worthy buzz

Binge-Worthy Buzz: Your Next Favorite Shows And Movies Are Here

Buzz over here and let us tell you all about this week’s new releases!

sing 2 poster

Sing 2 Will Have Us All Singing Through Christmas

Start warming up your voices, because we’re getting a Sing sequel!

space jam

We Got A Space Jam Sequel And We’re Hyped!

Looney Tunes, LeBron James and basketball? Count us in!!

We’re Over Here Counting The Days Until Luca

We just wanna buy tickets to Portorosso as soon as possible, thank you.

disney's launchpad

Disney’s Launchpad Is So Close We Can Taste It

Here’s to a new generation of amazing filmmakers!

disney's enchanted

The Movie May Be Disenchanted, But We’re Enchanted To Hear About It

14 years after Enchanted, the sequel is finally in production!

disney+'s wolfgang

Wolfgang Will Show Us The Recipe For Wolfgang Puck’s Success

If you love celebrity chefs as much as we do, we recommend you check this documentary out.

the get together

We Wish We Could’ve Been At The Get Together

Even though we can’t have our own get togethers (yet), The Get Together is still a great pick.

the protege

The Protégé Is Not Just Another Action Movie

Samuel L. Jackson in an action movie will always be a recipe for a great time.