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Laufey Is Bringing Back Bossa Nova With ‘Falling Behind’

We may be ‘Falling Behind,’ but we’ve just fallen in love with Laufey!

Floyd Miles

Floyd Miles Is Bringing The Attraction With A New Single

Are you ready to ‘Attract’ rather than ‘Chase?’

Maggie Lindemann New Single ‘self sabotage’ Is Incredible And Too Relatable

We are going wild over this Maggie Lindemann news!

We Are Going ‘To The Grave’ With GRL BUNNY

GRL BUNNY is the up and coming pop girl we have always craved, not only is she serving looks, but she is also serving incredible talent!

'Picture In My Mind' Featured Image

PinkPantheress Gets Us Grooving With ‘Picture In My Mind’

PinkPantheress & electronic music virtuoso Sam Gellaitry is a tag team not to be messed with!

Gogo Morrow Featured Image

Gogo Morrow Is Smooth As Silk With Her New Single ‘I.O.U.’

Gogo Morrow soothes our sorrows with her melodies

Tracks From Ari Hicks’ It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 1 That Remind Us Of Iconic Disney Villains

Time to enter your villain with Ari Hicks… Disney villain style, of course!

Your ‘Smoke Slow’ Release Party Needs This Joshua Bassett-Inspired Ambiance Lighting

We may be “addicted to illusions of love,” but at least we’ll look like a smoke show in this lighting! 


Meet your new favorite RnB, hip-hop artist.

Rock Out To Waterparks’ ‘Self Sabotage’ With Their New Music Video!

Don’t Self Sabotage by not watching this music video!