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The Dawn Has Arrived! Here’s Everything We Know About The Weeknd’s Dawn FM

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6 Republic Records Artists We’d Love To See John Legend Collaborate With

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Lord Huron’s New Album ‘Long Lost’ Is Rising On the Dusty Horizon

Judging by the sun, the moon and the stars above, the American indie-folk band will release their fourth full-length studio album on May 21st.

Tassia Zappia’s Debut Single ‘You Don’t Want Me’ Your Musical Release From Heartbreak

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Don’t Prove Londin Thompson Wrong

Londin Thompson blows us away with her newest track ‘Don’t Prove Me Wrong’

picture this

Picture This is Back with New Single ‘Things Are Different!’

‘Things Are Different’, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t beauty in it!

TWICE Songs That Make Us Cry, In Honor Of ‘CRY FOR ME’

I’m like TT!

Get Into Zoey’s Head With Her Official Playlist

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of a new series. Or Zoey going mad, one of the two.

We Wanna Party With Republic Records!

Where’s our invite? Do we have to sneak in oooor?