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Pigeon Wigs Snatch Our Wigs With An Unforgettable Show In Cardiff

Wigs were snatched, worlds were rocked, and history made!

Sody, Arctic Lake, and Cosial

3 New Songs That Have Us Hooked

You can always ‘Trust’ us to bring you the best new music around!

We Care That You Listen To Marianne Leigh’s ‘I DON’T CARE’ ASAP

We promise you’ll love it as much as we do!

We Love OWENN To The ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ And Back

Embrace your darkness and know you still deserve love!

Jack Kane’s Shiner Has Everything We Need

This entire EP speaks to us so much!

We Will Never Be ‘All Outta Love’ For KEHLI

We’ll always be full of love for KEHLI!

We Listen To Ela Ozturk Whenever We Need ‘Healing’

Ela’s soulful vocals are stunning! We are in awe!

3 New EPs That You Will Love

These artists sure know how to make some relatable anthems!

Ellie Dixon Gives Us ‘Dopamine,’ And We Love Her For It

This song gave us that much needed moment of calm!

‘Hypnos’ With ‘Vampire Mansion:’ Our New Fav Alt-Pop Band!

From their portal of the internet from Birmingham, AL, these guys have brought a new touch to the music scene.