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Iann Dior at the mainstream sellout tour

iann dior Breaks Free from a Toxic Ex in ‘Live Fast Die Numb’

Iann Dior just dropped his song of the summer, ‘Live Fast Die Numb!”

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4 rising female artists your playlist needs

4 Songs By Rising Female Artists Your Playlist Needs

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Rising Stars: 5 Fierce Female Musicians Who Have Us Captivated

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Karin Ann

We Can Be Lonely Together With Karin Ann

We can’t wait to be able to say we knew about Karin Ann first!

If We Could We Would Stan Ashley Kutcher Forever!

Ashley Kutcher just released one of the most beautiful songs we have ever heard!


More Than Meets the Eye: Derrick Cobb, The Bicoastal Artist, Shares His Story

Meet Derrick Cobb, a New York City Native, and a truly inspiring Rags-to-Riches story.

Vitakari is Here to Change the Seasons with “Bad Weather” and we had the chance to talk with her about it!

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