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James McVey

Who I Am: Our Review Of James Brittain-McVey’s Pre-The Vamps Solo EP

Think maybe he’d be down to rerecord these songs for us?

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Denis Coleman On ‘pillowTHOUGHTS,’ His Songwriting Process, and Mental Health

Denis tells us all his ‘pillowTHOUGHTS’ in our exclusive interview!

8 Looks That Prove Tristan Evans Is A Fashion God

Step aside, peasants! Let Tristan Evans show you how to rock these 8 looks!

John Legend & ALOK ‘In My Mind’ Stay Stuck Around!

John Legend hypnotize us again, thanks to his team up with Brazilian producer ALOK.

6 Times Brad Simpson Stole Our Hearts

Brad Simpson: stealing hearts one day at a time!

Top Albums

The Honey POP’s Top 50 Albums of 2020

We’re peace-ing out 2020 with a celebration of our favorite albums!

Curl Up With These Holiday Movie Recommendations From Your Faves

Cuddle up and get cozy watching these festive flicks as recommended by your faves!

2020 May Have Us Going Through It, But The Vamps Are Here To Brighten Our Day!

The Vamps are delivering a live stream that you’re not going to want to miss!

the vamps

The Vamps Cherry Blossom Bloomed Into A Number One Album!

Who knew The Vamps had a green thumb! Their new album Cherry Blossom won first prize!

Fresh Music Friday: Ashton Irwin, Demi Lovato, Little Mix…and MORE!

We’re here with this week’s hottest tunes!