Valentine's Day

How 11 Of Our Faves Made Valentine’s Day Lovely For Fans

Just because V-Day is over doesn’t mean we have to stop loving them!

QUIZ: The Honey POP? No, We’re Cupid Now And We’re Going To Tell You Your Valentine!

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Best Movies To Binge On Valentine’s Day

Hopelessly in love, or hopelessly single, enjoy these movies just the same.

Romantic YA books

These Romantic YA Novels Will Give You ALL The Feels For Valentine’s Day

If you’re a hopeless romantic like Lara Jean, these books are for you!

Is There Anything Taylor Swift Can’t Do?

Short Answer: No

15 Songs That Feel Like Falling In Love

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Will You Be Mine? x 17

Why won’t they love us?

We Wish Patrick Droney Could Be Ours in the Morning

If bae doesn’t serenade you with this song, get a new bae.

5 Anime To Get You In The Mood For Valentine’s Day

We’re smitten and ready for this Valentine’s Day, get yourself in the mood with some to die for fluff.

kpop valentine's playlist

The Honey POP’s K-Pop Valentine’s Playlist

A little something to get you into the Valentine’s Day vibes