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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Darla Jade Talks New Music, Musical Theater, Spaghetti Bolognese, And Upcoming Shows

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Darla Jade Talks New Music, Musical Theater, Spaghetti Bolognese, And Upcoming Shows

From her beginnings on the musical theater stage to her epiphany at a songwriting camp in Thailand, Darla Jade is the definition of an allrounder artist. Her passion and dedication to music seeps into the meaningful lyrics and sweet beats of her addictive tracks. We’re telling you now that she is about to be your newest music obsession and we are more than happy to make the introduction.

‘Can’t Run Forever’

“I’ve got a habit of just shutting down When things get louder, louder
Avoiding the voices, I’m drowning them out

But it’s getting harder, harder”

Hailing from Stoke in the UK, our electropop fave has already captured the attention of major music industry giants Billboard and BBC Radio 1. Darla’s latest—amazing—song ‘Can’t Run Forever’ dropped on July 22, 2022, and captures the feeling of wanting to choose avoidance instead of facing what you need to. Her soft vocals and dreamlike melody pair to create one of the best tracks released this summer. ‘Can’t Run Forever’ is the third single to be released from her upcoming sophomore album set to be released on October 14, 2022.

We have even more to get excited about! You can see her live on August 12th at 110 Above Festival in Gopsall Hall Farm in Leicestershire! Get ready for everything Darla has coming up by checking out her single ‘Can’t Run Forever’ wherever you stream music right here!

Image Source: Darla Jade Official Twitter

Need to know more about Darla Jade? Keep reading to learn everything from the advice she would give to beginning artists to what her favorite musical is. And make sure to read to the end for a few of her own artist recommendations!

First, thank you for answering our burning questions! Second, please take this moment to introduce yourself and your music to the world. If there is one thing you could tell people before they listen to your music, what would it be? What can listeners expect from Darla Jade, the newest queen of electro-pop?
Thank you so much for having me! Of course—Hey! I’m Darla Jade and I’m an electropop artist from Stoke On Trent! One thing I would tell people is to make sure to listen to the lyrics because I like to juxtapose a lot, so that the music feels happy but the lyrics are usually sad – unless you’re in a happy mood then don’t listen to the lyrics! 🤣What you can expect—I’d say my sound is a merge of Sigrid, Lennon Stella and Tove Lo with a slight hint of Hayley Williams.

It’s really cool that you studied musical theater in college! Of course, we have to ask, what is your favorite musical? Does the musical genre ever inspire moments in your own music? Did your theater training help your confidence on stage when you’re singing?
Ahh thank you! I definitely feel like studying musical theatre at college helped my confidence during live shows a lot, but weirdly I don’t think it has inspired my own music, as musical theatre is pretty different to pop! I have always found musical theatre fascinating though, especially with the lyrics, because the narrative has to constantly move the whole show forward! My favourite musical at the moment is definitely Heathers! If you haven’t watched it I’d highly recommend it!

Your passion led you to become a rising force in music but achieving the success you have didn’t happen overnight. We can’t imagine how many hours of dedication you poured into your craft, so walk us through what it felt like going from writing the lyrics for your first song to playing shows and festivals with other artists you admire?
It’s definitely been many many hours haha! When I very first started, the music I was making just wasn’t great at all and I just had it as a bit of a side project. But everyone’s gotta start somewhere right?! It was only until I went to a songwriting camp in Thailand that I really realised that if I have any chance of being in this industry,  then I’m gonna have to put the work in and yeah I’ve been going at it ever since! It genuinely feels so so surreal being on the same bill and playlists as some of my favourite artists! If someone had told younger me when I just started she probably would have just laughed🤣

Darla, you are really non-stop! During the pandemic, you invested your time into learning about advertising and marketing. What other skills have you learned that helped you support your music? Share a piece of advice you would give to up-and-coming artists or people who are just starting to pursue a career in music.
I think doing as much as you can yourself when you are just starting out is the best way! One thing I realised I needed to learn was being able to record my own vocals—this skill is so helpful to have because it means I don’t have to hire out a studio every time I need to record! I really feel a lot of the collaborations I’ve done wouldn’t have happened if I couldn’t record my own vocals, so I’d definitely recommend learning that! 

Your new song ‘Can’t Run Forever’ dropped on July 22 and we got to hear it before its release! No surprise here, we loved it. It’s imaginative, playful, and the lyrics are seriously relatable. What’s the story behind the song? Is there a lyric that’s become your favorite?
Aww I’m so glad you like it! Thank you! So I wrote ‘Can’t Run Forever’ last year with Gold Spectacles. I had so much going on last year and I felt that a common theme was occurring where I would just try and bottle up my feelings and essentially just run away from my problems, so I wrote ‘Can’t Run Forever’ about that! I think my favourite lyrics are: “don’t wanna feel cause it’s intimidating, better to be numb than brave it all at once” cause it’s just the brutal honesty to how I was feeling last year! 

Creating music is a multi-layered process. When you record, are there certain things you need to have or do to feel out the atmosphere of a song? For example, when you write a more mellow song like ‘Overcrowded’ do you need to wear comfy clothes or dim the lights to fit the mood?
I think for me when I’m in the writing phase the production that I’m writing to is always better for me if it’s just the chords with a little bit of atmosphere within it. Writing to a fully-fledged production is quite limiting for me personally! I also do prefer the room to be darker but it’s not a necessity! 


Okay, it’s time for some THP honesty. We listened to your entire discography—one Darla Jade song is just not enough for us—and we have become a massive fan of yours! So, we’re asking for us as much as we are for all of your other fans…Will you be dropping new songs soon? Are there plans for an album?
I’m so glad that you like my music!! There is definitely more to come! ‘Can’t Run Forever’ is the 3rd single of my next EP, which is due to release on the 14th October! I’m so so excited to share the next body of work with you! 

A huge congratulations is in order! You’ll be playing 110 Above Festival in August for the first time! What was your reaction when they reached out and invited you? Can fans look forward to more shows from you in the coming year? A tour, maybe?
Thank you so much! I was so happy when I was asked to perform at 110 Above Festival as this is the first festival out of Stoke that I’ll be performing at! I’ve not really even attended many festivals – my first one being The Great Escape this year! So it’s definitely gonna be a big experience for me! There are more shows coming up – I’m going to be supporting Rory at Camden Assembly on the 25th August! There are some more in the diary too that haven’t been announced just yet but I keep all of my live dates on my website

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Here’s your chance to woo your favorite singers to work with you on a track! If you could convince two of your favorite artists to collaborate with you based on how excellent of a meal you cooked them, which artists would you invite for the meal and what would you cook?
Wow if that was the way to get collaborations I’d never work again 🤣 I’m genuinely one of the worst cooks EVER! I’ve even managed to burn porridge 😭 but if I had to cook to collab then I would wanna bring in Lynn Gunn from PVRIS and Julia Michaels and I would cook a meatless spaghetti bolognese cause you can’t really go wrong with it and who doesn’t love pasta 🤣

It’s here, our last question! It’s been really fun chatting with you! We’re telling everyone reading this to go add your songs—yes, all of them—to their playlists right now! But which five songs are dominating your playlist right now? We need those music recommendations from you!
Ah it’s been lovely chatting with you, thanks for having me! Artists I’ve been listening to a lot recently are Amelia Moore, Alice Merton, Maddie Zahm, Evie Irie & Charlotte Lawrence! 

Image Source: Darla Jade Official Twitter

Oh, what was that? You’re a Darla Jade fan now? We did tell you that would happen and we just have one thing to say: Welcome to the fan club, we only have to wait until October 14th for her new EP 🎶 It’s basically already here! Okay, excuse us while we play her latest single ‘Can’t Run Forever’ on repeat, thank you! 

What are your favorite Darla Jade songs? Drop a comment below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook

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