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No more Secrets Alec Brock

BOOK REVIEW: No More Secrets, Alec Brock By Larissa Lopes

Just because this is the end doesnt mean its the end for us. Alec and Linda are forever in our hearts

QUIZ: Which Alec Brock Series Character Are You?

It’s quiz time! Find out which Alec Brock character you are!

Book Review: No More Lies, Alec Brock By Larissa Lopes

Alec Brock is BACK in ‘No More Lies, Alec Brock,’ Book two in the series.

WIN: Enter For Your Chance To Win eBook Copies Of The First Two Books In The Alec Brock Series

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The Stans Of Fiction: 14 Books You Should Read As A Fan

It’s all about #relatable vibes.

Get Ready To Fall IN LOVE With Our ‘All My Love, Alec Brock’ Dream Cast

Brockies…are you ready to meet you cast? Then get ready because it’s time!

Book Review: All My Love, Alec Brock by Larissa Lopes

Get ready to fall in love with Alec Brock just like we did!

CALLING ALL BOOKWORMS! Want To Read ‘All My Love, Alec Brock’ For Yourself? Good News…We’re Giving One Away!

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Ready To Write An Out-Of-This-World Fanfic? Use These 5 Tips From Author, Larissa Lopes

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Meet The Author: Larissa Lopes – The Creator Behind Your Latest Fictional Crush!

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