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Miley Cyrus Is A Sagittarius Icon

Miley Cyrus is a textbook Sagittarius icon.

Passport Playlist: Benvenuti In Italia!

These musicians are pretty talentuosi!

Bollywood Indian music

Passport Playlist: Namaste India!

Get ready to groove to Desi Bollywood music in India!

Passport Playlist: Australia, The Land Down Under

We don’t know about vegemite, but these three Australian artists’ music are *chef’s kiss*

Passport Playlist: Güay España

Can someone teach us Spanish so we can sing these songs?

Passport Playlist: Taste of Trinidad & Tobago

Sweet, sweet T&T

Passport Playlist: Arriba Mexico!

Here in Passport Playlist, we are traveling to the beautiful Mexico to find more about the artist that you need to hear!

passport playlist brazil

Passport Playlist: Bopping In Brazil

Today, Passport Playlist takes you to Brazil!

Passport Playlist

Passport Playlist: Welcome to Wales

We’re taking you around the world to broaden your music taste