The Honey (J)Pop

Head In the Clouds? More Like XG In The Clouds

XG is in the house! Or shall we say “in the clouds?” Check all the details of their show in NY!


Being An ‘Idol:’ YOASOBI For Oshi No Ko’s Opening Theme

YOASOBI released the English version of ‘Idol’ and we can’t stop our feels as big fans!

Once In A Blue Moon A Band Was Born; HBD N.Flying!

Every 2.5 years we have a blue moon, and today it’s thanks to N.Flying!

Travis Japan’s ‘Moving Pieces:’ Rated By Colors!

Travis Japan knows what to serve us! They are back with a new single, ‘Moving Pieces’


From Rookie Idols To Global Sensations: We’re Celebrating XG!

And they are only just getting started!

NiziU Deliver A Little Slice Of ‘Paradise’ For Our Spring Playlists

Their catalog was ‘Already Special,’ but now we love it even more!


Global Girl Group XG Makes History On US Radio Charts With ‘LEFT RIGHT’

XG stay winning and slaying!

SG5 The Sailor Senshis Of Gen Z Hit 4 Million Views!

Someone call 911! These girls debut is on fire!

YOSHIKI Dinner Show

Everything You Need To Know About YOSHIKI’s Evening/Breakfast with Yoshiki 2023 in Tokyo

It will be a dinner show you will never forget!

SG5 Takes Us To The Galaxy With Their Debut!

Get ready to explore the universe with the Sailor Moon inspired group, SG5!