Welcome To The Club: We Got Permission To Ask New Hope Club Our Burning Questions! EXCLUSIVE

Welcome To The Club: We Got Permission To Ask New Hope Club Our Burning Questions! EXCLUSIVE

Aaah Valentine’s Day! A day for love and lovers. And if you’re anything like those of us here at THP, what that really means is obsessing over our love for our favorite artists, which, let’s be honest, is mostly our love for New Hope Club! They’re dropping new music tomorrow, and if that’s not enough to put you in a loving spirit, nothing will!

So, pull out your fuzzy slippers and run to Walgreens for a box of chocolates. It’s time to focus on the only love that matters in this house. The love of New Hope Club and new music.

The guys have already blessed us with ‘Love Again’, ‘Know Me Too Well’, and ‘Permission’, and now we get the remaining ten tracks?! As chronic singletons, we’re beyond thrilled to finally have a Happy Valentine’s Day, and it will be the happiest of all 😍

We were lucky enough to sit down with the guys this week (we put on real shoes, we promise), and ask them a few questions about what to expect and now we’re even more excited!

What do you think? Are you as excited as we are? Will you be streaming alongside us to help the guys achieve the kind of success they deserve? It’s not too late to pre-order the album (which comes in four collectible covers of which we plan to own the full set of)!

Or will you be joining the guys on tour? Maybe we’ll see you there! Let us know in the comments down below, or tweet us over @thehoneypop!

To learn more about New Hope Club:

Featured image source: photo by Elizabeth Motley, edited by Bilge Zeynep exclusively for THP

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