Cheers To Soccer Mommy For A Sold-Out Show At Brooklyn Steel!

Cheers To Soccer Mommy For A Sold-Out Show At Brooklyn Steel!

Over a year ago, Soccer Mommy (aka Sophie Allison) dropped her most recent album, Color Theory, and we finally got to listen to it live! We checked out the sold-out show in Brooklyn, and it was well worth staying out late on a Tuesday night.

Image Source: B Mensch for The Honey POP

The show opened with Squirrel Flower (aka Ella Williams), who started the night out soft and slow. Her set livened up the crowd after just a few songs when her live exclusive band joined her on stage. Ella joked with the crowd that some people on Twitter claimed to have fallen in love with her guitarist, Elizabeth Moen, at first sight. 

Just when Brooklyn Steel felt like it couldn’t get any more packed, Soccer Mommy took the stage. All of a sudden, the band came out in all black suits. With the venue bathed in red light, we knew something intense was about to go down. When Allison made her way onto the stage, donning an all-black cloak on top of her black dress, the crowd went wild. Later in the show, she let everyone know that it was her mom’s cloak back in the day.

The spooky vibes weren’t a constant, but the good tunes were. Hearing Soccer Mommy live was a good time for our ears; it was well worth the year-long wait to hear Color Theory in person. The rest of the band was clearly just as enthusiastic to be there as Allison was into serenading the crowd. 

Image Source: B Mensch for The Honey POP
Image Source: B Mensch for The Honey POP
Image Source: B Mensch for The Honey POP

Allison brought us back to our early Halloween spirit with the spookiest song of the night, ‘Lucy.’ “If it’s almost October, then it’s pretty much Halloween – I think we can celebrate early, I think we can get a little demonic, a little spooky. You guys prepared for a scare? I’m gonna sing you a song about the devil.” Then she raised her glass of red wine to the crowd.

Another moment worth noting was when someone in the crowd cheered for Squirrel Flower just after Soccer Mommy’s first song of the night. Allison was definitely down for the banter and replied with, “I was going to say that in a minute, but now that you said it first, I don’t want to ignore it. So give it up for Squirrel Flower!” It was nice for both bands to joke around with the crowd and be present with us all. 

The best part of the show had to be hearing everyone in the crowd singing along to every song. Somehow Soccer Mommy managed to make a sold-out show at Brooklyn Steel feel so intimate, even from deep in the crowd. We are fortunate we could be there to experience it! 

Planning to see Soccer Mommy live? Tweet @TheHoneyPOP and let us know what songs you’re excited to hear! Or if you’re just a fan of good music, follow us on Instagram for more info on some good tunes!



Featured Images and Gallery: B Mensch for The Honey Pop

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