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The Little Things That Make Songs For You The Best

The Little Things That Make Songs For You The Best

Beautiful people around the world, we are feeling very special right now cause our minds are living in the universe of Songs For You, and we never want to leave it! Not only listening to how special it was is making us look for a permanent stay, but now after hearing from our special friend Ben Barnes about it, we are definitely making these songs our songs!

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Ben, You Are Our Sunshine!

We had the chance to have a little talk with Ben Barnes about his latest EP Songs For You, which is letting us get to know a new side of the man that has gotten our hearts! We all know that the pandemic has had its perks, and we are thinking that letting Ben write the masterpieces of his album is one of the biggest!

I think It was the course of the pandemic […], and most people are left with this feeling […] of what´s important to me, and what I want to spend my time doing I was thinking, when I´m an old man what things I would regret not doing and things I would be proud to do… And I think that letting my music out in the world is one of the things I wanted to do. It gave me some fireworks to get on with.

-Ben Barnes for The Honey POP

The Complete Interview Here:

We have found that Ben´s sound is something unique and special that has come into our lives! His music is something that we don´t find every day, and a treasure everyone will love to discover!

I think it just is a sprinkle of inspiration of everything […] The references are not just musical influences of mine, there are references to Shakespeare, poems, films like Nothing Hill, Peter Pan […] All collections of memories and people I love.

-Ben Barnes talking about the inspiration for his music.

Playlist of Musical Inspirations for Songs For You by Ben Barnes

Listening To Songs For You Is The Best Part Of Our Days!

Ben´s latest EP has been a really sweet surprise for everyone who loves him. We can´t deny that his songs have become part of our lives, making us feel special and connected with him. And thankfully, that feeling is a two-way street.

Just seeing the reacting to something that is purely mine, and having somebody send you a video of dancing in the kitchen with something you´ve written is so rewarding […] just knowing that you directly inject joy in someone […] When they tell me that a song has meaning to them, […] it makes me feel more personal, and when they react like that you feel a special connection with it […] and I feel like we are sharing something.

-Ben Barnes about the connection of his fans and his songs

To listen to Songs For You click HERE!

We Are Saying ‘Not The End’ Was Written For Us!

With just 5 songs, Ben Barnes has created a new emotion that we didn´t know we could feel… It´s like a new level of joy! Every and each of them has become so special to us, and we couldn´t avoid wanting to know which one was the special one for him.

I would tell ‘Rise Up’ is the song that feels the most personal… it´s the one that affects me more… There´s something about that song that makes me feel something different.

-Ben Barnes About ‘Rise Up’

Some Little Things We Needed To Hear…

There´s no doubt that we feel like Ben is talking through his songs to us. There are some words and phrases that we are keeping with us that we know we will need at some point in the day. That´s why our dear friend has given us some advice that we needed to hear.

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Love is something complicated, and his song ‘Ordinary Day’ takes us onto a journey of trying to understand it, and showing us that is more than we can think of.

Love is about doing things that feel authentic to you and don´t pretend to be another person […] It´s better to be the best YOU you can be all the time

-Ben Barnes´advice about love.

We are happy that this is ‘Not The End’ of a stunning musical journey our bestie Ben is taking us on. And we couldn´t be more excited to see what our friend is preparing for us!

Which song are you claiming to be your song? In which playlist have you added Songs For You? Tell us everything in the comments and don´t forget to buzz with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!


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