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ENHYPEN’s Japanese Singles To Get Ready For ‘YOU’

ENHYPEN’s trilogy of Japanese singles is almost complete. Are YOU ready?


DARK BLOOD Sealed ENHYPEN’s ‘Fate’ On The Billboard 200

ENHYPEN ft Billboard, a reality since 2021. Check the details…here!


Four Of Our Favorite Songs From ENHYPEN’s DARK BLOOD

We are loving the spooky vibes!

Enhypen Makes Historical Fashion Week Debut At Prada FW 2023

Now the only thing we need is Enhypen walking down the runway!

ENHYPEN Songs As Pokemon Types, Inspired By New Song ‘One and Only’

We will always choose ENHYPEN!

It’s FATE If Enhypen Do These Performances On The US Tour

We’re about to drop some dollar bills on July 19th for Enhypen!

4 ENHYPEN Songs To Prepare For Their DARK BLOOD Era

Mark your calendars and bring out your favourite Enhypen playlist, we’re entering Dark Blood Era!


ENHYPEN Brought The Heat To Their Houston Show

Enhypen said either ‘Go Big or Go Home!’


Four Of The Most Comforting Messages By Jay From ENHYPEN

He is a walking green flag!

4 Songs We’re So Happy Made It Onto ENHYPEN’s FATE Tour Setlist

We would ‘Sacrifice’ ourselves to relive this tour TBH