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‘Don’t Freak Out!’ About LILHUDDY’S New Video

LILHUDDY is back with another single and it goes hard!

Check Out LILHUDDY On the Cover Of FAULT Magazine!

We’re totally not screaming right now… at least not loudly!

5 Songs We Hope LILHUDDY Performs During His Virtual Teenage Heartbreak Experience Show

We’d let him turn us into 21st century vampires, can’t lie…

LILHUDDY Is A ’21st Century Vampire’? Okay, We’ll Bite

Don’t mind us, just getting all of this garlic out of the way, wouldn’t wanna repel this vampire!

LILHUDDY Gets Intimate In New Single ‘America’s Sweetheart’

LILHUDDY out here making us all emosh 😭♥️

LILHUDDY Is Back With Another Track, Delivering ‘The Eulogy of You and Me’

Here lie the remains of that one relationship that we thought was gonna make it…

‘The Eulogy of You and Me’ Acoustic Has Us Thinking About Our Fave Acoustic Alt Tracks!

Alt tracks gone acoustic is a niche genre that we can absolutely get behind!

‘America’s Sweetheart’ (Acoustic) Has Us In Our Feels

Just when you think you’re emotionally stable, you get hit with ‘America’s Sweetheart’ (Acoustic) and you have to keep your emotions in check !

5 Of Our Favorite Lyrics From iann dior’s on to better things

We know he’ll definitely be on to better things in the future, but for now, this album delivers his best work to date!

10 phem Songs That Are More Fun Than Playing With ‘Silly Putty’

‘congratulations’ to phem for making so many bangers!