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This Is Why Paramore Will Always Own Our Hearts

Paramore drop a new single ‘This Is Why’ and announce their new album This Is Why out on February 10th!

‘This Is Why’ We Love Paramore So Much After All These Years

We’re in the business of stanning them!

Paramore Is Going On Tour And These Are The Songs We Need To Hear

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PinkPantheress Collabs We Want To See After ‘Where You Are’ Featuring WILLOW

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Hayley Williams Is Someone We’ve Grown up Loving And Wouldn’t Want It Any Other Way

Our emo queen Hayley Williams is forever our girl

6 Songs BLACKPINK’s Rosé Covered

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State Champs Hold The Record For Coolest Upstate NY Emo Band and Here’s Why

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All The Female Artists Set To Play When We Were Young Fest

Avril and Hayley and Royal, oh my!

The Aces

4 Songs By The Aces Your Playlist Needs

You’ve got to add these songs to your playlist

Petals For Armor: Self Serenades

Dreaming of Hayley Williams? Well Petals For Armor: Self Serenades Is A Dream Come True!

We love getting to enjoy an album all over again, especially in new ways!