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This Is Why We’re Grateful For Being Part Of The Paramore Generation

This Is Why We’re Grateful For Being Part Of The Paramore Generation

Saying we “like” Paramore would be the understatement of the century, but saying we “love” them feels too narrow to capture our true feelings about them. From navigating our middle school days to the struggles of adult life, Paramore has been a constant throughout. Their new album This Is Why truly feels like it was made for the fans that have grown up with this band, diving into new territory and a unique sound that we can’t get enough of. It’s full of vulnerability and emotion from the band, with a lot of Hayley Williams’ personal experiences being drawn on for the songs, giving it a raw edge of reality and reliability. The fact that Paramore can make us feel so seen at 15 and again at 25 is a testament to their talent and what it really means to grow up with a band. They’re not the same band they were and why would they be? They’ve grown up, their sound has grown with them, and so have their fans.

First things first: go stream the album. Right now. Seriously, we can rave about it all we want but this is something you need to experience for yourself firsthand.

Now that that’s been taken care of, we can talk about some of our favorite tracks off the album.

‘You First’

It was love at first listen when the first notes of ‘You First’ flowed through our headphones. This feels like the morally grey, “entering my villain but really it’s my healing arc” song that we didn’t know we needed until the first time we heard it. The lines “Which wolf wins/I guess it really depends/Just gotta wait and see/Which one’s appetite is the biggest” evoke the fabled internal struggle, the idea that we all have two wolves fighting in us and the one we feed is the one that wins. Coupled with the line “Just like a stray animal I keep feeding scraps,” this track paints an image of internal struggle. Sometimes we want to be petty, sometimes we want to be the bad guy, and sometimes we feel like the bad guy. But is that the wolf we want to feed? ‘You First’ captures the war waging on inside your own head in a way that only Paramore can and for that reason it’s been our most listened-to track since This Is Why dropped.

‘C’est Comme Ca’

Listen, we respect everyone’s opinion, but if you don’t like ‘C’est Comme Ca,’ we don’t know what to tell you. It has one of the most unique sounds on This Is Why and if “it is what it is” is a motto of yours, this is the perfect track for you. The blend of the spoken word-esque verses and the fun, punchy “na na na na na” of the chorus makes this song absolutely addictive, scratching that itch in your brain just right. Sometimes, all you can really do about your feelings and your state of being is say it is what it is and just roll with it. That’s what this song feels like, validating all our mental/physical struggles, in a sort of “eff it, that’s how it goes” way. We’re excited to catch Paramore on tour so we can hear this one live. (That was a hint, if you follow that link…you can grab tickets to see Paramore. Don’t miss out!)


“Feel the present, future, and the past connecting,” is THE lyric from ‘Crave.’ It perfectly sums this song up for us and feels like a perfect theme when thinking about This Is Why as a whole. You can hear the craving and longing in the chorus of this song, the introspection and the nostalgia that comes with growing up and experiencing life. “Just for a second it all felt simple/I’m already missing it,” this line really drives that longing for old moments home. This Is Why really does feel like past, present, and future Paramore connecting, and it’s one of the reasons this song stands out for us.

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What do you think of This Is Why? Which tracks stand out for you the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or hit us up on our socials, we’re always buzzing about something on Twitter.

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