Live Exclusives

Newport Folk Fest: Day Three with Remi Wolf and Gregory Alan Isakov

We are sad to leave but oh so happy with all that went down at Newport Folk Fest this weekend. Day three was bright and beautiful!

Newport Folk Fest: Day Two with Odie Leigh and Jon Batiste

This cloudy day turned out to be a good one in Rhode Island!

Berlin To Bombay: Young the Giant And Milky Chance Go Global

No jetlag was felt on our global trip to Bombay with a layover in Berlin, thanks to Young the Giant and Milky Chance!

Newport Folk Fest: Day One with Del Water Gap and Maggie Rogers

Still screaming over Maggie Roger’s acoustic set, we got the chance to cover Newport Folk Fest in Rhode Island. Here is what happened Day one!

Pigeon Wigs Snatch Our Wigs With An Unforgettable Show In Cardiff

Wigs were snatched, worlds were rocked, and history made!

A Colorful Thursday Night with Andrew McMahon

We would not ‘La La Lie’ about how much we want to crowd surf on that Llama pool floatie that Andrew had!

‘MakeDamnSure’ You Don’t Miss Sad Summer Fest!

We are still sad but Sad Summer Fest gave us something to smile about!

Giddy Up! Shania Twain Stuns Us During Her Queen of Me Tour

We feel ‘Brand New’ after that stellar show!

Declan McKenna Brings The Big Return Tour to Rhode Island!

Shocked and bamboozled that we heard ‘British Bombs’ finally!

Young, Dumb, Living Off Dom: YUNGBLUD In Boston

YUNGBLUD recently played Boston and the crowd went wild! Celebrating both 21st Century Liability’s 5th birthday and a world tour, we got to review his amazing show.