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Start 2023 Right With What’s New On Disney+, Hulu, And ESPN+

Start 2023 Right With What’s New On Disney+, Hulu, And ESPN+

What's New On Disney+, Hulu, And ESPN+ in 2023, National Treasure Edge of History promo art

Nurse those holiday blues with the new 2023 releases! Here’s a complete rundown of what’s coming to your screens this January from Disney+, Hulu and EPSPN+!


Will Trent (ABC)

We have a new series this month, coming at you based on crime author, Karin Slaughter’s bestselling book, Will Trent. Starring Ramón Rodríguez (Need for Speed, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen), who plays the role of Special Agent, Will Trent. Trent comes from a difficult background and hopes to use his experiences of growing up to ensure no one is treated like he was.

With already raving reviews on Twitter from watchers, this is a definite stream from us. New episodes every Tuesday!

Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test (FOX)

If you’re in the mood to watch some household names go through some of the most grueling challenges all taken from the real Special Forces selection process … then 1. We’re scared of you and 2. This is perfect for you. Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test kicked off on January 5th and we are hooked!

Koala Man

This could possibly be the most well-behaved superhero we’ve ever seen. Middle-aged dad, Kevin, has a superpower that’s slightly different from those who can shoot webs, or have super strength, he has a burning passion for following rules and destroying petty crime in his town. Wholesome? We think so. Koala Man, the complete Season 1, is available right now on Hulu!



January seems to be the month for fantasy watchers, with a continuation of the 1998 film set many years later, with Warwick Davis returning to play the part of Willow. If you are a fan of adventurous and fantastical stories about an unlikely group of heroes, Willow is a must-watch for you. With episodes 7 and 8 now released on Disney+, we can’t wait to see where this one goes next!

What's New On Disney+, Hulu, And ESPN+ in 2023, Willow promo art
Image Source: Disney+
Star Wars: The Bad Batch

We’ve already feasted on the 2-Episode premiere earlier this month, and with new episodes every week, which yes, means five episodes for you in January, we’re already fully invested. The season opened with a time jump, and we are able to see the characters reunite with old friends, and perhaps even enemies, whilst creating new relationships … which again, may not be for the best. This is one to watch, and a show you can keep coming back to, week after week,Wednesday after Wednesday.

National Treasure: Edge of History

Wednesdays are shaping up to be the day of streaming here at The Honey POP, with new episodes of not only Star Wars but National Treasure: Edge of History. If you’re an avid watcher of Outer Banks, this could be your vibe. It’s December premiere left us wanting every crumb we could get! We follow protagonist, Jess Venezuala, as she takes off to recover lost Pan-American treasures all while uncovering family secrets … We will be seated.

What's New On Disney+, Hulu, And ESPN+ in 2023, National Treasure Edge of History promo art
Image Source: Disney+
Gina Yei

For those who love to binge-watch, music-loving Gina Yei wins a scholarship to a top-notch music school Caribbean Music Institute (CMI) in Puerto Rico, we follow her journey and truly experience her love for music and her insane songwriting abilities, which she can thank for the scholarship. This one is a great, easy watch, and hey, if your new years’ resolution is to learn a new language, this is a great way to learn! All episodes are streaming now, so run, don’t walk to Disney+! Vámanos!

Chasing Waves

We finally got all episodes of Chasing Waves, and we’re here for it! This series spotlights the people and places which are defining Japan’s legacy in the worldwide surfing community. This series gives us a great insight into Japanese life and what it’s like to be a professional surfer. This one is slightly making us miss the summer too!

King Shakir Recycle

Honestly, a cartoon is just what we needed mid-way through January. Definitely, one in which aliens are heading to Earth because Scientists decide to send their pollution to their planets… and where King Shakir and his family come to the rescue and try to protect their world from alien destruction. Brb, off to do some recycling. See you at the series premiere on January 18th, on Disney+!

See Also

Mila in the Multiverse

Follow along with 16-year-old Mila who’s traveling through the multiverse hoping to find her mother, Elis, all whilst coming face to face with a group called, The Operators … people you really don’t want to be coming in contact with.

We’ve already added this one to our list and we can’t wait to hear what you all think when it premieres on January 25th, on Disney+!


ESPN+: National Hockey League – Power Play and Exclusive Games

Calling all sports lovers, specifically those of the Hockey kind. ESPN+ has eight exclusive games for you with primary game feeds, and a special Star Watch presentation, not only this but on Columbus vs Calgary (Jan. 23) and St. Louis vs Colorado (Jan. 28) you’re going to be able to watch with isolated cameras and stats for star plays.

NHL Power Play is your one-stop shop for over 1,000 NHL games throughout the season, these include the home team or away team commentary, Canadian national presentations of Hockey Night in Canada, and lastly replays of every single NHL regular season and playoff game is yours to watch on Power Play … We think that’s you all sorted to satisfy your sports needs this month!

Well then, we know what we’ll be doing with the rest of our January! How abut you? What shows have you added to your watch list? Let us know over on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!

For more things to watch, click here!




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