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Dancing, Banter, And Romance? Last Chance Dance By Lakita Wilson Has It All!

Dancing, Banter, And Romance? Last Chance Dance By Lakita Wilson Has It All!

Do you love YA romance as much as we do? Then you’re in luck! Last Chance Dance by Lakita Wilson is perfect for everyone looking for a heart warming read. You don’t want to miss out on this adorable book!

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Summary: Leila is crushed when Dev, her boyfriend of four years, breaks up with her right before graduation. Just when she’s thinking she wasted her entire high school experience on a dead-end relationship, her best friend Bree reminds her that Last Chance Dance is just around the corner.

A high school tradition, Last Chance Dance gives all the students one last opportunity to find love before they graduate. All Leila has to do is submit three unrequited crushes to the dance committee and if any of her crushes list her too, they’ll get matched. Presto: new relationship, just like that. To her utter amazement, Leila is matched with all three of her choices–and with someone she never, ever expected, Tre Hillman, her chemistry partner and low-key nemesis.

Though at times skeptical, Leila embarks on her Last Chance Dance mission–trying out her matches and going on dates. If Dev wasn’t her true love–then maybe someone else is. She knows it’s definitely not Tre, even though he seems more and more determined to convince her he’s right for her.

But thoughts of Dev keep sneaking back into her mind, and as graduation and the dance approaches, Leila must figure out what–and who–she really wants. It’s her last chance, right?

Content Warnings: None

Our Review

Where to start with this book? We loved every minute we spent reading this! We couldn’t get enough of our main character Leila, she was so relatable! Seeing her grow throughout the book was inspiring, and we were constantly rooting for her. The idea of the Last Chance Dance was so unique, we had never read anything like it before. As Leila navigated her heartbreak, she got to go on dates with her matches. Each date was exciting to read about and we enjoyed seeing the different relationship dynamics. We didn’t know which relationship to ship more! With plenty of banter and romantic vibes, this book kept us smiling. Aside from the romance, Last Chance Dance also featured amazing family dynamics and friendships! Leila’s little sister Riley was adorable, and her relationship with Leila was heartwarming. There was also a more serious conversation about divorce which added more depth to the plot. All in all a fantastic story! We can’t wait to read more of Lakita Wilson’s work in the future!

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