Wallows Went Wild On A Night Out In Birmingham

Wallows Went Wild On A Night Out In Birmingham

On the 13th of February, Wallows took over Iron City in Birmingham, Alabama as they kicked off their Nothing Happens North American Tour 2020 and went wild. They shared the stage with Penelope Isles, who opened the show but most importantly it was both of these bands’ first show in Birmingham! As a result, they were greeted with a very warm welcome as they played to a sold-out crowd of 1300 people that danced all night long.

Penelope Isles

Penelope Isles started the show with some melodic fuzz pop tunes to get the crowd warmed up. Their songs, not containing a whole lot of lyrics, got the audience to start vibing, as the kids say. First of all the band was very excited to be in Birmingham, saying that they had just flown in from England the day before, and secondly they had never been to this state so they were glad to have the chance to play there. Above all they threw the crowd for a loop saying that they were starting their last song and then it ended up going on for ten minutes! Penelope Isles is a very chill band that is perfect for a chilly night out.


Wallows hit the stage at 9 pm and were greeted by a very loud and excited audience. The band had not played a show in months and was itching to get back on stage and was not disappointed by the reaction they got. Starting off with Treacherous Doctor, the second song off of their debut album, the crowd erupted with screams as their favorite band took the stage. They went on to play some of their hits like Scrawny and Pictures of Girls which kept the energy high.

Towards the end of the set, Wallows played the last song off their album Do Not Wait which fades into the first song off the record and then played that intro song, Only Friend. Therefore, the smooth transition got a loud reaction as fans caught onto what was happening.

After that, they went to the encore where guitarist and vocalist Braeden Lemasters played a song by himself before being joined by the rest of the band for the last song. While he was waiting, Breaden started playing a teaser of Sweet Home Alabama before exclaiming that they had missed the chance to play that song since they were in the state of Alabama. So, of course, they played a snippet of the song and it was the loudest the crowd had been all night as they yelled the lyrics back. Overall, it was an energetic show that everyone in attendance won’t forget!


1) Treacherous Doctor
2) Sidelines
3) Scrawny
4) These Days
5) Drunk on Halloween
6) Ice Cold Pool
7) Worlds Apart
8) What You Like
9) Just Like a Movie
10) Remember When
11) Pictures of Girls
12) Ground
13) Are You Bored Yet?
14) I’m Full
15) Do Not Wait
16) Only Friend
17) 1980’s Horror Film
18) Peaser

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Featured image and gallery: Joanna Barronton

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