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We Might Just Cry Forever Listening to ‘All The Lies About Me’

We Might Just Cry Forever Listening to ‘All The Lies About Me’

Bringing us a new album, Cry Forever, accompanied by a new song, ‘All The Lies About Me,’ Amy Shark is celebrating her ARIA wins for Best Australian Live Act and Best Pop Release the right way. The Australian indie-pop singer has performed at many a festival, but with the way 2020 has gone… having that again seems like a pipe dream. So let’s throw away 2020 and say hello to the shiny new hopes of 2021! Just what does Amy have in store for us?

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Cry Forever will be gracing us with its presence on April 30, 2021. You can pre-order it now. As the musical laws state, a tour will be following this great release. June/July 2021 will see an Australian headline tour to celebrate the occasion. We’re super stoked to hear and see more of this glamorous performer. Hopefully, COVID cooperates, but hey, we can still dream; we have been missing the concert scene, as we’re sure Amy Shark has too!

“I am so proud of this album, and it’s time to hand these songs over to the fans. To announce a tour of this size, after the year we have been through, gives me hope that the world is heading back to normality. I will give every show every part of me, this is going to be massive and I am counting down the days to perform.”

Amy Shark

Her latest single, ‘All The Lies About Me,’ will be on the album. You can check it out here or right below:

Cry Forever

If you’re dying for some tickets to the upcoming tour, tickets will get a special presale for Telstra customers on Monday, December 7th and Wednesday, December 9th. If you happen to be one of those lucky customers, head on over here. As for the rest of us, we’ll be waiting until Friday, December 11th local time. Also some good news, these tickets will be available for Afterpay. Going to concerts on a budget just got easier; goodbye inhibitions, hello empty wallets.

Not only do we get to hear some lovely vocals from Amy, but we also get to witness her collabs with Travis Barker and Keith Urban. This is proving to be an album chock full of feeling. With 13 songs that delve into love, loneliness, and growth, we’re dying to see what the rest of the songs have to offer.

‘The Wolves’
‘Everybody Rise’
‘Worst Day Of My Life’
‘C’MON (feat. Travis Barker)’
‘All The Lies About Me’
‘Miss You’
‘Love Songs Ain’t For Us (feat. Keith Urban)’
‘I’ll Be Yours’
‘You’ll Never Meet Anyone Like Me Again’
‘That Girl’
‘Lonely Still’
‘Baby Steps’
‘Amy Shark’

“I am now a more confident musician and person than the Amy of 2018, and I feel like I am ready to share some moments from my life that I wasn’t previously ok to talk about. These are some of the most personal and confronting songs I’ve ever written, and I can’t wait to share them with everyone.”

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Amy Shark

Who else would you love to see collaborate with Amy Shark? Which song are you dying to hear next? Let’s keep the conversation going by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or commenting below! Want the inside buzz? Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the sweetest pop-culture news!

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