Charlotte Cardin Rises Like A ‘Phoenix’ In NYC

Charlotte Cardin Rises Like A ‘Phoenix’ In NYC

To all the sad girls in Brooklyn + beyond: this one goes out for you.

Live in Brooklyn at Music Hall of Williamsburg, we at THP caught the east coast leg of Charlotte Cardin’s Phoenix tour. One of the first performances the songstress has done in over three years, it was as if she never left. The night was filled with a kaleidoscope of tracks from the artist’s repertoire, including the Big Boy and Main Girl EPs.

We caught Charlotte right before the release of the deluxe version of her debut album Phoenix, which is where we definitely recommend starting from. Check out the video below for Sad Girl’ which in our opinion strikes a chord. With the lead to this song being, “to all the sad girls in Brooklyn” we at THP were here for it. And trust us: the crowd knew this song word for word. 

And insider tip: we love spotlighting female powerhouse talents at THP. If you’re vibing with Indigo de Souza like we are, you’ll love Charlotte Cardin.

The release of Phoenix had us see Charlotte come into her own, with a range capturing a laidback and sultry style that transcends culture and language.

And to show this queen even more love, we’ve listed some go-to tracks here. Since we’re feeling it – that means you are going to.

ESSENTIAL TRACKS (in no particular order):

  • ‘Phoenix’
  • ‘Passive Aggressive’
  • ‘Main Girl’
  • ‘Meaningless’
  • ‘Daddy’
  • ‘Les Jupes’
  • ‘Sad Girl’
  • ‘Sex to Me’
  • ‘Scorpio Season’ 

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Featured Image and Gallery Source: Hillary Safadi for The Honey POP

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