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Sofia Lafuente is a Spanish-British alt-pop artist who has recently stolen our hearts with her magnificent talent, including her buttery smooth vocals, hypnotizing lyrics, and captivating energy we could only dream of having!

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Her latest single is called, ‘Are You Listening,’ and it’s a true reflection of the inner self, more specifically when you are struggling with self-doubt and insecurities. It’s hauntingly breathtaking, and the music video adds an extra layer of depth that makes the storytelling all the more emotional! Check out the video below and stream the single here

Now we know you all came here for the low down on Sofia Lafuente, her new song, and last, but certainly not least, the exclusive live session! So, why are we still talking!? Let’s dive into it!

Sofia Lafuente
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You stated that over time, ‘Are You Listening’ evolved in meaning to you and ended as a “musical mantra to myself for those moments where you are struggling with self-doubt or insecurities.” When you have those moments of self-doubt and insecurity, what are some things that you do to overcome that?
That’s a great question. Probably a combination of taking some time alone and getting my mind off of the situation, like listening to a podcast or reading, try to get out of my head, and then good food and conversations with my friends or my family.

The music video for the track shows two different sides of you – the innocence of your past and the version of yourself who dares to break free from anything that holds her back. How did this concept come into play for this track? Where did you get the inspiration for it?
I collaborated with director (and my uncle) Enrique Lafuente. My main direction for the treatment was, “please, I do not want it to be romantic.” I really like to try and do the unexpected with my videos. With that Enrique came back to me with this idea of two different Sofia(s). Which to me made sense because over time this song had evolved to become something that was more about my relationship with myself and the journey that has taken me on.

Image Source: 537Media

What was it like filming in the Spanish countryside, and being able to bring that side of who you are to the forefront of this video and showcase part of your heritage?
It was the best. I’d never worked with a Spanish team before and being back home was obviously a perk. We shot it all in one day, which was certainly ambitious, so everyone had to spend the night in this small Spanish town. There was a massive sense of teamwork so we could get everything shot that day, but we ended the night all sharing this huge massive stew and drinking wine and it was honestly such a magical experience.

We found ‘Are You Listening’ to be utterly captivating – sonically and lyrically. When writing a song, what is your thought process on how you want it to sound and the direction you want to take it? How does it feel when you know when you’ve gotten it perfect?
I don’t think I ever believe a song is ‘perfect’ but I try to get as close to it as possible and that just comes from a gut feeling that says ‘ok enough.’ With this song, I went into the studio with artist/producer SHOR and I played him the main ideas I’d written on the piano. Then I did the classic artist move and tried to describe this guitar led riff into a synth drop idea that I had recorded into a voice note. He patiently tried to understand what I wanted and we played around with a few different layers and ideas. He completely captured what I had in my brain.

Sofia Lafuente
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You started songwriting at a very young age, which is impressive but also fascinating! How would you compare your early songwriting to the present day? What is the biggest thing you’ve learned about songwriting that has helped you improve along the way?
I think my early songwriting came from an impulse to understand my own feelings. Sometimes that’s still true today but collaborating opened up a whole new layer of expression that I couldn’t always do when writing to just a guitar or a piano. I still love stripped-back songs and they can be incredibly powerful and focused on the story, but I discovered that I love the drama of good cinematic production. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that no matter what writing room you are in, with super young writers or veterans, honesty and vulnerability are the most important things to have when writing.

Sofia Lafuente
Image Source: 537Media

The music video for ‘Are You Listening’ is so aesthetically pleasing and full of different artistic aspects. For example, there’s a scene that resembles a scene out of Sleeping Beauty and there are parts of you dancing around a fire. Do any of these elements have hidden meanings or represent particular things about your life?
They represent moments of awakening and self-transformation. Embracing the darker parts of ourselves and connecting different versions of ourselves to feel more at peace. I’ve always been obsessed with Gothic imagery and paintings and this one painting The Nightmare by Fuseli was a real influence.

For new fans/listeners, what would you tell them to expect from you and your music? What is something you want them to take away from listening to you and your incredible songs?
The most important thing to me has always been to embrace and see vulnerability as power. I love writing about moments of transformation in a non-filtered way. I always connected with my favorite artists when I felt they were being brutally honest about their experiences and feelings and that’s what I try and aim for with my music.

Sofia Lafuente
Image Source: 537Media

We know you are still early in your music career, and we suspect you’ll be paving your way fiercely, but do you have any special moments from your career so far? Any pivotal moments that really paved the way for you in pursuing music?
I’ve had a few of my songs used on some TV shows that I used to watch. It’s been pretty surreal to hear myself on something like Netflix. It’s wild. It’s also a way that people have discovered my music which is really special to see.

You have a new EP on the way, congratulations! What can your fans expect from it? And what are you most excited about upon its release?
I think this next EP is somewhat happier thematically, but darker sonically. I tried to ground the productions a little bit more with more real instruments, thinking of how they would be performed live.

We love seeing what all of our faves listen to, what are your top five songs at the

Ooo ok.
‘So My Darling’ – Rachel Chinouriri
‘Crying During Sex’ – Carol Ades
‘Tears in The Club’ – FKA Twigs (true album artist)
‘How Are You Not Freaking Out’ – Greta Isaac
‘HENTAI’ – Rosalia

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If you thought her interview was top tier, wait until you hear this exclusive live session, where she performs a version of her newest song, ‘Are You Listening,’ for all of you! What a stunner! Check it out below, but be prepared to have your mind blown by her impeccable talent!

Thank you so much, Sofia, for this phenomenal interview and the even better performance of ‘Are You Listening!’

There you have it, honey poppers! We hope to see Sofia on your playlists ASAP! In the meantime, we want to hear from you!

What do you think about Sofia Lafuente’s new song and video? What was your favorite part of our interview with her? Did you enjoy the live session as much as we did? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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