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5 Songs By LE SSERAFIM Your Playlist Needs

5 Songs By LE SSERAFIM Your Playlist Needs

Feeling fearless after your hot girl walk but in desperate need of updating your go-to playlist? Well, no need to worry because we are about to introduce you to a variety of songs by LE SSERAFIM that will truly make your music taste antifragile.

If you’re a fan of K-POP, you definitely know about LE SSERAFIM. And if you haven’t, don’t panic, because your ears are about to be graced with their music. Dominating the scene since their 2022 debut, the 5-piece girl group – consisting of members Chaewon, Sakura, Yunjin, Kazuha, and Eunchae – have quickly become a household name. Having charted at#14 on the Billboard 200 and earnt their first music show win on SBS MTV’s The Show only 8 days after their debut, it’s no surprise they have nearly 10 million monthly Spotify listeners. Without any more delay, here are 5 songs by LE SSERAFIM we at The Honey POP simply can’t get enough of!


We can’t talk about LE SSERAFIM without acknowledging their name, which is an anagram of the word “fearless.” Additionally, this also happens to be the name of their debut single! Being fearless is exactly the message this pop song portrays and the alternative dance tune has everybody hooked from the first listen. This track features catchy hooks, a consistent beat, and subtle harmonies. ‘Fearless’ is an anthem that radiates personal confidence and demands a spot on your playlist. We particularly love that the lyrics reference how past scars are part of our current selves and should not be perceived as a barrier to success.


Sharing the title of LE SSERAFIM’s second EP, this demanding title track is sure to get you dancing your heart out. ‘ANTIFRAGILE’ is an Afro-Latin-inspired pop song full of infectious energy. We just adore the power LE SSERAFIM are both encouraging and radiating. What makes this song stand alone is the dystopian and almost robotic tone of the word ‘ANTIFRAGILE.’ Cue a fun karaoke moment! That robotic feeling also makes listeners understand the concreteness behind the message, which details how difficult times are a catalyst for growth.


Whether you’re studying, cooking, or wanting to wind down, ‘Impurities’ should definitely be playing as the soundtrack. The effortlessly cool song has undertones of R&B and gives us goosebumps every time. This delicate side of LE SSERAFIM showcases their range and is a stark contrast to their commanding title tracks. Co-written by member Yunjin, the sensual and laid-back vibe of the song is truly encapsulating. Lyrically this song reminds us to embrace our own impurities, and that it’s our love for our flaws that make us unique.

‘No Celestial’

‘No Celestial’ is a rebellious song in the form of a pop-punk anthem. Within this song, the girls of LE SSERAFIM reveal they want to challenge the celestial expectations the music industry places on them and remove the barriers for fans who see idols as otherworldly. This song projects the frustration of holding onto your true self in-between figuring life out and navigating a somewhat fake world. The heavy guitar and strong drums paired with the conversational tone of the verses have our feet tapping and our mouths excitedly singing along to the chorus that repeats, “I’m no freakin’ angel, I’m no freakin’ goddess.”

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‘Good Parts (when the quality is bad but I am)’

No playlist is truly sufficient if it does not feature a self-love song, which LE SSERAFIM provide with ‘Good Parts’. This stripped-back song tells us to not blame our weaknesses in the journey to self-love. We are guided through life by the delicate tune. The girls remind us mistakes will be made, it won’t always be glamorous, and things get hazy. But sometimes, it’s not the 4K picture we need – as said beautifully in the lyrics written by Yunjin and Sakura, a Polaroid picture is just as beautiful.

Did we convince you it’s time to add LE SSERAFIM to your playlist? Comment below or tweet us @thehoneypop! And for more LSF content, click here.


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