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Here’s Everything We Know So Far About LE SSERAFIM’s Long-Awaited Debut Studio Album UNFORGIVEN

Here’s Everything We Know So Far About LE SSERAFIM’s Long-Awaited Debut Studio Album UNFORGIVEN

We think it’s safe to say this is one of the most highly-anticipated debut albums in recent years, right? Well, we don’t have to wait much longer! Monster rookies and ‘ANTIFRAGILE’ icons LE SSERAFIM have finally given us a release date for their first studio album!

So far the quintet have dropped a mind-blowing trailer, some of the most beautiful concept photos we’ve ever seen, and a tracklist that has us beyond hyped. With LE SSERAFIM’s track record and everything they’ve hinted at so far, UNFORGIVEN is already in the running for our Album of The Year… and we haven’t even heard it yet.


On April 11th the girls truly kicked off this comeback with the release of their album trailer ‘Burn the Bridge.’ Narrating in their native languages, Korean, Japanese, and English, LE SSERAFIM are in otherworldly scenes, including Chaewon recreating the story of Adam and Eve’s apple, with a bionic arm? We have questions!

The backing track starts mellow, before switching to drum and bass, really upping the ante and our anticipation. We then get an out-of-this-world electric guitar riff before everything melts down into the girls’ angelic harmonies. If just the trailer is taking us on an emotional rollercoaster, we don’t know how we’ll cope with a full album!

‘Burn the Bridge’ showcases that LE SSERAFIM will truly be covering all bases with UNFORGIVEN. The girls hint at themes including defeat, temptation, strength, perseverance, and more, all with a hint of social commentary through a Gen Z lens. Not too bad for your debut album, right?

The Concept Pictures Are A 4th Gen Fever Dream

If we ask you to name the biggest concept trends in K-Pop right now, you’d probably mention western cowboys, sports luxe, or fallen angels. And these girls have done every single one and then some. Get you a girl group who can do it all!

Image Source: Courtesy of SOURCE MUSIC

Huh Yunjin Strikes Again

Is it too soon to say Huh Yunjin is one of our fave K-Pop songwriters? Well it’s too late, she’s already claimed the title, along with our hearts. She plays such a critical role in LE SSERAFIM’s writing and production, and that certainly doesn’t seem to be changing!

Following on from songs including self-written masterpieces ‘i ≠ doll’ and ‘love you twice,’ Yunjin is credited on three tracks from UNFORGIVEN. We’ve already heard ‘Impurities,’ but now our ears are gonna be blessed by ‘Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s wife (이브, 프시케 그리고 푸른 수염의 아내).’ Yunjin may still be a fairly new artist but she’s already earned herself a reputation as a great storyteller. Now she’s referencing the Bible, ancient Greek mythology, and French fairytales? We’re not emotionally prepared for May 1st.

Maybe the song we’re anticipating the most is ‘Fearnot (피어나) (Between you, me & the lamppost).’ Not only did Yunjin co-produce the track, but all five members have writing credits. With a title that name-checks their fandom, it seems like we might be getting an official fan song! On their debut anniversary too?! Cue our tears.

The Tracklist And That Collab

With no more info than the clips and teasers, we’re already hyped for all thirteen tracks on this album. ‘FEARLESS’ might be nearly a year old but it’s not leaving any of our playlists any time soon, and now we’re getting a ‘2023 Version?!’ In fact, we’re getting 2023 versions of ‘The World Is My Oyster’ and ‘Blue Flame’ too. We’re not ready.

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The title track is ‘UNFORGIVEN’ and features… wait for it… The Nile Rodgers. Yes, seriously, as in Nile Rodgers from Chic and known for working with legends like David Bowie, Madonna, Diana Ross and Daft Punk. And now he’s turning his attention to K-Pop, sampling the theme from 1966 movie The Good, the bad and the Ugly. All those cowgirl concept pics and a title track sampling a Spaghetti Western? We love to see a plan come together!

We all know that LE SSERAFIM are as ‘FEARLESS’ as it gets, and it seems like they’re only continuing on that trend with their album! With already over a million preorders, we can’t wait to see the girls get all the love they deserve in this new chapter! UNFORGIVEN will release worldwide at 6pm KST on May 1st. Get ready!

What are you expecting to hear on LE SSERAFIM’s album UNFORGIVEN? We wanna hear all your hopes and dreams for it! Hit us up on @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, Instagram, or the comment section below!

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