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To Only Say ‘Love You Twice’ To Huh Yunjin’s Latest Release Is An Understatement!

To Only Say ‘Love You Twice’ To Huh Yunjin’s Latest Release Is An Understatement!

Have you ever looked at someone and wished you could be them? We’ve all been there. This is especially true when it comes to ‘HER’ – the epitome of cool, confident and successful. Enter Yunjin, a member of the South Korean K-Pop group LE SSERAFIM whose latest solo release ‘Love You Twice’ has us questioning whether the IT Girl trend is here to stay. Yunjin gifts us an indie pop track of inspiration. FEARNOT, we can’t stop listening to it and to say you love it twice is an understatement.

The Song

‘Love You Twice’ centers the theme of social media and celebrity personas, and Yunjin encourages us to change our perspective towards their seemingly perfect life. Some say IT Girl, but within this song, Yunjin calls the individual “HER.” At first, Yunjin paints the perfect scene, HER’s spotless bedroom and pilates mornings. However, this life we all would love to live becomes questioned. When listening to ‘Love You Twice,’ fans feel they are being directly spoken to with the lyric “I wonder what you see, when you see someone like me.” It got us at The Honey POP thinking about how easily the perfection label is placed on idols. Nobody is perfect. Throughout the song, HER blossoms through every season, never changing. This consistent image promised is highlighted through the winter references. Winter would typically hinder nature’s blossom, and in reality we all change with the seasons. It’s part of growth. Perhaps Yunjin is asking us to question the expectation of an idol’s static image.

Fast forward to the second verse, the pace is picked up. Here, we receive a wave of inspiration. Yunjin sings about the passion and drive of painting your own color in life. Also, reminding us the path is not easy. For example, the lyric “she takes a hit but swings back stronger than before.” This reinforces the idea of changing our perspectives because in the first half of the song when the character takes a hit “She never shows you where it hurts.

Ultimately, ‘Love You Twice’ is a smooth mellow tune about finding your own color in life and changing views towards those you idolize. Yunjin encourages us to see these individuals as someone who will help guide us to paint our own color in a positive way.

The Music Video

The illustrated ‘Love You Twice’ video is a collaboration with the South Korean animator and YouTuber RAMDRAM. This style of art really allows you to connect with the song and fits the vibes perfectly. This feels like a modern day “draw my life” video. The visuals are curated to highlight the difference between the colorful life of “HER” and the yet to blossom other individual. The video opens like a vlog but filtered pink. Honestly, at the beginning we could sense a separation between ourselves and “HER,” however, as the story unfolds and the video closes we feel a sense of elevation. With the main character’s calm greens and progression in the final scene on a stage. The video closes with Huh Yunjin’s own identity found.

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