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Lyrics? Interpreted! – Exploring Golden Child Y’s ‘If I were the wind’

Lyrics? Interpreted! – Exploring Golden Child Y’s ‘If I were the wind’

We wish we got this solo release by Golden Child’s Y under different circumstances but regardless, we will be appreciating it A LOT! ‘If I were the wind,’ or its original title ‘바람이라면,’ serves as the final gift by the talented singer before his official enlistment on March 20. We are both devastated at that but also happy that we got a whole single. It’s tough being a fan of K-Pop boy groups but we wouldn’t give it up!

Y has outstanding vocals that he shows to us during every single comeback. Now, we have a whole new song that makes him shine, and we will treasure it. The ballad has a gentle tune, and when combined with the Golden Child member’s voice, becomes a beautiful yet sorrowful piece.

We thought about the best way to talk about it, and here is what we ended up with. We’ll share some of our favorite lyrics and what they meant to us when we first heard them. Here’s the song, so make sure you have it playing while reading.

“So I keep putting off forgetting you till tomorrow”

Now, this gives us a lot of relationship-gone-bad vibes, but considering the time of the song’s release, we are interpreting it in a slightly different way. It’s not that we are trying to forget him (we would never!!!). It’s more the fact that we kept pushing off the goodbye until later. We knew of his enlistment, and it hurt, so what does someone do at times when dealing with painful news? Try to ignore them for as long as possible. We were focused on the good memories (oops, an early mention of the next lyric pick) and we’re not ready yet to send him off. But in reality, we were silently preparing for the start of his service.

“You are the wind so I cannot hold you in my hands / But our warm memories get me through the day”

Ah, this is really beautiful, in our opinion. The way Y sounds when singing this part gives us shivers. His voice is so gentle and beautiful that we simply swoon and find ourselves melting while listening to him. Just as the lyrics go, our warm memories will get us through the days of his absence. Thankfully, we still have a piece of him with us every day. It’s in all the songs he participated in as Golden Child, his solo and unit tracks, his covers, and just anything he was part of since his debut.

“My heart was lost not knowing where to go / Till it found its way to our breakup today”

Again, this feels like more of lovers breaking up, but here is how we felt hearing this: Our minds were simply overtaken by the military service enlistment, and every lyric got associated with that. (Don’t blame us, we’re emotional). We felt lost at first because an incredibly talented K-Pop vocalist would leave the scene for a noticeable time, so we believe our reaction was plausible.

Suddenly, we realized how the time since the announcement has passed, leading us to that day when we have to say goodbye. And we are pulled back to reality, grounded as we must face it. But here’s the thing, we don’t want to send him off with tears (we’ll cry after), we’d rather do it with a smile and say: “Thank you for everything up until now and for everything after you get back! We will wait!”

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Ah, we had to pull out a tissue. So, how are we feeling after listening to ‘If I were the wind’ by Golden Child’s Y? Did you also get emotional? Let’s share and be each other’s support! You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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