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Sasha Alex Sloan is No ‘One Trick Phony’

Our ‘New Normal’ is having this record on repeat!


Mt. Joy Has Us Feeling ‘Evergreen’

Creed Bratton is the perfect addition to anything, literally anything.

Big Time Rush Has Mastered The Art of The Acoustic Track

Music sounds better with Big Time Rush back in the game!

New Music Weekly: Bazzi, Taylor Bickett, And More!

We have got an unreal lineup this week!

Jack Harlow Is Headed On Tour, Here’s Our Dream Setlist

We are just like you, Jack Harlow simps

The Unbearable Weight Of Nicolas Cage’s Massive Talent

Only Nicolas Cage could pull of a movie this meta.

The Wait For New Maisie Peters Is Over, ‘Cate’s Brother’ Is Ours!

We were left SHOOK by that last verse

New Music Weekly: Big Time Rush, Ashley Kutcher & More!

We are *still* not recovered from the acoustic tracks we’ve been getting from Big Time Rush

April Music Round-Up: George Ezra , Jack Harlow & More!

We worship the ‘Green Green Grass’ George Ezra walks on.

New Music Weekly: Valley, Sam Smith, And More!

Sam Smith is a national treasure.