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Exclusive Interview: Kit Major is Entering Her ‘Love. Sick. Major. Era’

We are also in our ‘Love. Sick. Major. Era.’

Fresh Music Friday: Conor Maynard, Maude Latour and More!

Our teenage hearts are fluttering at the fact that we are covering a Conor Maynard album

Fresh Music Friday: Big Time Rush, Aidan Bissett And More!

The new Big Time Rush album is now and forever our permanent personality

Fresh Music Friday: Goo Goo Dolls, Leith Ross, And More!

Leith Ross wrote ‘I’d Have To Think About It’ so they are automatically in a class of their own.

Fresh Music Friday: Big Time Rush, Tyler Posey, And More!

We are Big Time Rush stans, first and foremost!

Exclusive Interview: April Jai Talks All About Being in Her ‘Spicy Era’

We are officially entering our ‘Spicy Era’ as well

Fresh Music Friday: Loren Gray, Khalid, And More!

Loren Gray is THE pop it girl – we don’t make the rules, we just enforce them…

Fresh Music Friday: Lewis Capaldi, Laura Marano, and More!

We are beyond ready for a new Lewis Capaldi album

When Country Meets Pop, Magic Happens

Our hearts actually belong to country-pop crossovers

Allow Maisie Peters To Be Clear, She Won The Breakup

We are Maisie Peters stans first and foremost