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Exclusive Interview: Frankie Zulferino On ‘Drippin In Love’ And Social Media Positivity

Exclusive Interview: Frankie Zulferino On ‘Drippin In Love’ And Social Media Positivity

If there’s one thing we love here at THP, it’s artists who use their platform to spread positivity and joy! In our exclusive interview, we chat with Frankie Zulferino, who is basically the king of doing just that! Whether it’s just bringing all the good vibes or celebrating his Mom, Frankie’s posts are always so much fun.

With his brand new single ‘Drippin In Love’ out on August 26th, this is a very exciting time for Frankie, and it shows! Frankie seems to be an artist with endless energy and creativity, as well as a very varied career. Working as an artist, producer, dancer, and entrepreneur have clearly influenced Frankie’s all-around approach to his music.

His latest single ‘Drippin In Love’ is out now, and the Motown-inspired record is a bop! With an orchestra and Frankie’s eclectic music taste behind it, how could it not be? We so enjoyed interviewing Frankie Zulferino about his career, influences, and more!

Frankie Zulferino Interview

You are releasing a new single titled ‘Drippin In Love’ on August 26th! Can you tell us a little about it?
‘Drippin in Love’ is a record inspired by the music of Motown. I wanted to create something that was going to be classic and timeless. So, while working on this, I knew I had to bring in the best musicians and songwriters to make my vision come to life. I worked with a 14-piece orchestra led by Chala Yancy, who’s best known for her work for Beyoncé. I also worked with Eritza Laues, who’s written for artists like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, and Rahmlee Davis from the Phenix Horns, who is known for their work with Earth Wind and Fire. The record was written by me and Cannon Mapp, produced by Alex Stefano, and Co-produced by Maurice heard who is best known for his work with Victoria Monét.

You released an EP earlier this year, congratulations! What was the biggest thing you learned from the experience?
I think the biggest thing I learned from releasing my last EP Growing Pains, was that as exciting as it was to release a body of work together, it was also a challenge as an independent artist. It was definitely a big undertaking and investment at once, but I wanted my fans to have that project as I knew I was going to be changing directions for my next project.

We’ve heard that soon you’ll be releasing the first tracks from your upcoming projects! We, like the rest of your fans, simply can’t wait! Can you tell us anything that your fans should look out for in the releases?
I think the biggest thing my fans can look out for with my new project is that all the records really convey a feeling of love joy and hope for brighter days ahead.

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We love the live version of ‘Stuck On You’ so much! Is a full live album something that you’d love to do one day? Or a tour?
‘Stuck On You’ is one of my favorite records I’ve ever done, so I was truly excited to release the live version, which I like better than the original. With that said, it would be a dream to put out a full album and go on tour. Performing my records live is truly my favorite part of what I do. It’s a challenge, but I know I’ll get there, especially with the support of my incredible fans.

With songs like ‘Stuck On You,’ you share a lot of vulnerability in your music and, by extension, your social media too! Is deciding to be vulnerable with your audience ever a difficult choice for you to make?
To be honest, I really never wanted to be vulnerable on social media. I like to put my feelings into my music and my art, so expressing those feelings to the world on social media can be strange sometimes. I will say, for years I was stubborn and didn’t want to give into the pressures of social media, but I have learned that opening up and being vulnerable has definitely helped expand my audience and made me connect with people more.

What we love the most though, is how completely joyful a lot of your TikToks are! We love that you use your platform to spread all the good vibes! We have to admit our favorite is probably your verse for Lizzo’s ‘About Damn Time.’ What are the most fun videos for you to make?
Honestly, the most fun videos for me to make are my music videos. Even though so much work goes into them and sometimes they can be stressful, the feeling of seeing it done gives me so much joy!

We’re completely obsessed with your Mom’s reaction to ‘My Mama,’ the song you wrote about her! It was so sweet! How did the rest of your family react? Did you tell them in advance?
I actually recorded the ‘My Mama’ song last minute. I had another song on my ep and 4 weeks before the release I went into the studio with my producers and songwriters. I told them the idea about doing this song for my mom and asked if it was possible to do in 48 hours. By the grace of God, we made it happen. My sister was the only person that knew about the song, and she helped me set up the surprise. It was a special day getting to celebrate my mom with my whole family.

Congratulations on TikTok naming you their number one Emerging Artist! How has your success on TikTok changed your career?
TikTok has for sure played a huge role in my career over the past 2 years. It helps me build an incredible fan base and connect with so many new people and opportunities as an independent artist. It’s definitely a blessing.

What advice would you give to any aspiring artists trying to use TikTok to expand their audience?
I would tell any aspiring artists on TikTok to make sure that they’re interacting with their followers. As important as it is to create great work and art, it’s just as important to build your brand and fan base. Also, don’t get discouraged if you’re not going “viral.” Look at it this way, if only 100 people saw your video, it’s still 100 people that wouldn’t have seen it, so stay humble and stay the course.

You have a very varied career background! How do you think your work as a dancer and entrepreneur helps you as an artist and producer?
I think my work as a dancer and entrepreneur has helped me as an artist because it’s made me work smarter. I understand that I’m selling myself as a product to people, and sometimes you have to leave the personal stuff on the side and focus on the business.

You have opened for some of the biggest artists in the world, like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Jason Derulo. What was a highlight of these experiences for you? What was the biggest thing you learned from watching these megastars?
It’s been a blessing opening up for so many incredible artists. I think the biggest thing I learned is that not everything is as glamorous as it seems. When we see a lot of these big artists’ careers blow up, we don’t always see what happens behind the scenes. It’s definitely taught me to have a tough outer shell and to keep myself surrounded by good people, close friends, and family.

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Finally, we love how diverse your music taste is, and we’re always on the hunt for tracks to add to our playlists! As we wait for your new music to come out, can you give us a couple of summer song recommendations?
Well, I do love music but to be honest, I’m always playing throwbacks in my car. My summer go-to is always a little disco some 90s R&B and all the feel-good vibes.

What’s next for me besides my new single that’s about to drop is all feel-good music. I want to keep the vibe positive and hopeful, and I want to make people feel love and joy. I am possibly thinking about dropping an original Christmas record as well!

Thanks so much to Frankie for chatting with us! We’re so excited to see what the rest of 2022, and beyond, brings for you!

What do you think of our exclusive interview with Frankie Zulferino? Do you love ‘Drippin In Love?’ Drop your thoughts in the comments or over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! And if Twitter isn’t your thing, find us over on Facebook and Instagram!

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  • Awesome interview! Frankie’s energy, positive attitude & inspiring words are just a few things that make him a rare breed & such a special person.

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