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Exclusive Interview: HAVET On Mama’s Lullaby And Sisterhood

Exclusive Interview: HAVET On Mama’s Lullaby And Sisterhood

We all know that chemistry and trust between artists always make for better music, and who has a better relationship than sisters? HAVET is made up of two sisters, Josy and Mimi, and they’re about to be your new fave pop duo thanks to this interview.

After debuting with ‘Child,’ the pair switched things up with their second single ‘Toxic.’ Following that, HAVET have just dropped their debut EP Mama’s Lullaby, and we were so happy to chat to them all about it in this exclusive interview!

Josy and Mimi are only 16 and 18 years old but are inspired by a huge variety of artists. They cite everyone from Billie Eilish, to Tyler, The Creator, and Daniel Caesar to Bruno Mars as inspirations, and that range definitely comes through in their work.

We may only be five songs and one EP into Josy and Mimi’s career as HAVET, but we already know we’re going to see a lot of exciting and boundary-pushing things from them. Stay where you are to read our exclusive interview with HAVET!

What made you choose ‘Child’ as the first song you shared with the world?
With our first song under our new name, we wanted to send out a clear message to the world that we are back with new confidence in ourselves and our music. ‘Child’ is a song about being proud of yourself, which seemed fitting.

‘Child’ and ‘Toxic’ are very different from one another! What pushed you to show that versatility so early on in your journey?
Since we are two very different people, not only personality-wise but also musically, we both come from very different genres. This shows throughout our entire EP, with sounds ranging from the more rock-inspired ‘toxic’ to the very acoustic-like ‘old love.’ We both listen to music from almost every genre, and we wanted to show that we’re capable of doing any kind of music we feel like doing.

We love the album artwork! Can you tell us about the concept behind the single and EP artwork?
The EP’s artwork was created by the amazing and talented Helene Lindqvist, who also happened to be our mother! Because the album is very personal to us, it felt right to include our mother into the project. We had a few rough ideas as to how we wanted the covers to look, and our mother’s art met all of our expectations and more. We are endlessly proud of what she created and couldn’t be more happy.

‘Child’ has been described as “an ode to your heritage.” What’s one of the things you love most about your heritage?
We love how multi-cultural we grew up! With our mother being born in Stockholm, we have a close relationship with Sweden. We usually spend our summers in our family home in the North and we look forward to it every year. We love having family all over the world with different cultures and traditions to experience.

You grew up with very musical parents. How did that influence your own musical aspirations? Do you have a favorite childhood memory you could share with us?
Our parents both being musicians definitely influenced us growing up. We got used to having fellow musicians and friends in our house all the time. Experiencing the way music unites us as human beings from a very young age played a huge role in our own love for music. But even though our parents are both musicians, they never pushed us in any direction. They would be just as proud of us if we were to become for example architects or taxi drivers or hotel managers, just as long as we feel fulfilled and happy in what we’re doing. Our childhood is filled with happy memories, especially tons and tons of living room-performances in made up languages and self made costumes.

How does working together as sisters affect your working relationship? Do you think it makes the process of being in the studio easier or harder?
It’s a mix of both! You need to be able to separate the private relationship and the work relationship. That helps discussing our music or anything relating to it without anyone feeling personally attacked or something like that. But it isn’t always easy! We are both very confident in our musical ideas and we both have clear expectations of how a song should sound like before even going to the studio to record it, so that sometimes leads to a heated vibe. But that’s probably like that in every working relationship, and us being sisters is probably more of a good thing in that situation. We both know each other very well and know how to articulate what the other one is thinking or feeling without asking to many questions. Working with your sister also has the clear advantage of never being alone. The music business can get very difficult and it’s amazing to know that there’s someone you love who is experiencing the exact same things as you are.

You have very diverse musical inspirations, which we love to see! Is there a genre you haven’t tried yet that you really want to dip into?
There are many genres we haven’t tried yet! We definitely are excited to work on some future projects, which will probably explore many more directions! What they might be is still unclear but we’re open to everything!

Your debut EP Mama’s Lullaby is out now! Congratulations! How does it feel to have that out in the world? Are you feeling more excited or nervous about the release?
We are super excited and beyond thrilled to finally have released our little baby into the world. We love this EP so much and it feels so amazing to finally be able to share with our fans and family what we’ve been working on so long.

Maybe we’re being greedy, but are live shows something we could look forward to from HAVET in the future?
We would LOVE that!! That’s definitely something we want to do in the near future! So stay tuned!

There are three brand new songs on Mama’s Lullaby, as well as ‘Child’ and ‘Toxic.’ Which of the three new songs are you most excited for fans to hear?
We are excited for every single song on the EP, but if we had to choose we’d probably say ‘Mama’s Lullaby.’ We just love that song so much; which is why we decided to name the entire EP after it 🙂

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Could you each tell us a stand-out lyric from the EP that fans should look out for?
Stand out lyric? Hmm maybe these two:
“How do you smile when you’ve been sad for a while and you’re lonely?” In ‘Mama’s Lullaby’, just because it tackles such a deep and personal problem.

“I know you know I love you so, and when it’s time for us to go, We’ll still be dancing through the night and we will hold each other tight” from our song ‘Old Love.’ We think that’s such a beautiful thing: to find someone you love and want to grow old with.

Thank you so much to HAVET for taking the time to chat with us in this exclusive interview!

We wanna hear all your thoughts on HAVET, Mama’s Lullaby, and this interview! Let us know your fave tracks in the comments below or through our FacebookInstagram, or Twitter!

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