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Exclusive Interview: VICKY’s ‘SWEET SADNESS’ Is Just Plain Sweet!

Exclusive Interview: VICKY’s ‘SWEET SADNESS’ Is Just Plain Sweet!

Need a new “sweet” artist to add to your playlist? VICKY and her new single, ‘SWEET SADNESS,’ are just the treat for you. From her early days on Star Factory 4, VICKY has continued to grow into an artist who is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. We got the chance to talk to her all about her music, her influences, and so much more!

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us here at the Honey POP! Just so our readers can get to know you a little better: How would you describe yourself in three words?
Positive, energetic, and hardworking.

Early in your career, you were selected for Star Factory 4. What was that experience like? How do you feel it helped you in your career? Are there any lessons from that time that you still carry with you?
Those of us who were selected had to live in a house under camera surveillance 24/ 7. Viewers could see us going about our daily activities with little to no privacy. We then went on tour for a year. Sometimes, we had two or three shows a day in sold-out stadiums and concert halls. It was the biggest thing then in the country. We toured from state to state and neighboring countries like Poland, Germany, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Grusia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, and Moldova. We got a lot of experience. This in itself was like a school for us because it built us up to deal with stress because of the workload day in and day out. I learned to cope and thrive in stressful situations.

One of our favorite lyrics from ‘Do It’ is, “Angel on the surface but a devil in my mind.” It says, to us at least, that sometimes there are things going on behind the scenes that people don’t always see. So, we’d like to know: what’s one thing people would be surprised to find out about you?
A friend of mine said people would be surprised to know that I am down-to-earth, humble, and God-fearing.


It was written and produced during the COVID-19 pandemic with my American producers. As expected, we faced a lot of difficulties as everything had to be done online.

VICKY about writing ‘DO IT’

Her Influences

Another fun track of yours, ‘Party,’ really gets the party started! If you could party with one other musical artist, who would it be?
Michael Jackson. He was always true to himself, not proud, and he never showed he was better than everyone else, so it would have been easy to be myself around him.

Speaking of musical artists, who were some of your earliest musical inspirations? Do you feel they’ve influenced your work today? If yes, how?
Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey. I grew up listening to them, and their sounds shaped my musical background.

VICKY, your latest single, ‘Sweet Sadness,’ is absolutely beautiful. It’s a shift from some of the more upbeat or energetic music we’d heard from you before into a slower, more somber piece. We also love how you created a unique blend of pop and classic R&B. What sparked you to sonically go in that direction? Did you find it challenging? Is this a sound we can look forward to hearing more of from you?
Thank you! The song came to me while I was walking on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It came to me suddenly like a rough sketch, so I immediately started writing it down and kept working on it until I was able to replicate what I had felt. Every good work is usually challenging, and I definitely look forward to doing more of this.


The idea for the visual comes unexpectedly. I could be driving, shopping for the house or just waiting on the queue. I always jot it down as it comes, I keep working on it until it becomes what I see in my head .

VICKY about the visuals for ‘SWEET SADNESS’

You’ve described ‘Sweet Sadness’ as an anthem of courage and resilience, and we agree. How do you find the courage to persevere through hardship, and do you have any advice that you’d share with others?
When we get to a point where we realize that these things happen to everybody and are temporary, it becomes easier to get through them. My advice is to remember it’s temporary, and it will pass. It’s also important to find an outlet for your emotions. I go to the studio, race track, or paint; being an emotional person, I look for an outlet to let it out.

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What’s Next?

We heard that you have an EP coming out later this year. Anything you can tease or share about the project with our readers?
I would love to, but that would take away all the fun. My autobiography song will be coming out soon, of which I had the video shot in America. I am currently working on an album with American and English producers.

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