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Joan He Orchestrates A Stunning Tale In Strike The Zither

Joan He’s ‘Strike The Zither’ takes us to the heavens and back!

Betsy Cornwell’s Reader, I Murdered Him Is A Killer Read!

A historical thriller with LGBTQ+ representation? Count us in for Betsy Cornwell’s ‘Reader, I Murdered Him!’

Here’s Why You Should Read Justina Ireland’s Rust In The Root

Who doesn’t love an action-packed, magical story with strong Black characters?

4 Things We Love About Ravi’s Love And Holiday

We’ll be holding Ravi’s ‘Love and Holiday’ close to our hearts!

4 Of Our Favorite Songs From Oneus’ Malus

Our ‘Malus’ is our slightly unhealthy obsession with Oneus’ new EP!

3 Songs We Love From Leo’s Piano Man Op. 9

Stanning Vixx’s Leo is never a ‘Losing Game!’

4 Iconic Ravi Collabs

Out of his extensive discography, we managed to pick four of Ravi’s most iconic collabs!

The Darkening By Sunya Mara Is Our Latest YA Fantasy Obsession!

And the million-dollar question is: What are you willing to give up for your family?

Meet Us At The End Of The Rainbow In Gretchen Anthony’s The Book Haters’ Book Club

We all have that one book or genre that changed us forever, but what about the places that provide those books to us?

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kevin Christopher Snipes On Debut Novel Milo And Marcos At The End Of The World, And The Journey Toward Self-Acceptance

What do you do when it feels like the universe tries to keep you and your partner apart?