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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan LE SSERAFIM

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan LE SSERAFIM

Do you think they are fragile? Throughout the year of 2022, in the world of K-Pop, girl groups have dominated the charts and industry with hits like no other. At least five groups debuted this year, but no one does it like LE SSERAFIM. The name being an anagram for the phrase “I’m Fearless,” the group consists of former IZ*ONE members Chaewon and Sakura along with Yunjin, Kazuha, and Eunchae. Being under the company of Source Music, a branch of HYBE Labels, they were sought to be the female BTS, but they were so much more than that. Here is why you should stan them and become a fellow FearNot!

Their Music Has Something For Everyone

LE SSERAFIM has released two mini albums this year, titled ‘FEARLESS‘ and ‘ANTIFRAGILE.’ Throughout these two releases they include songs that hit a good variety of genres. Their debut song, `FEARLESS` gives off a simple yet smooth repetitive lyricism describing the classic confidence anthem to empower fans around the world. Another song to speak about is their b-side `Blue Flame.` The track is a classic girl group performance, with a cute choreography included singing about drawing in a lover. Now for their second EP, LE SSERAFIM decided to go for a reggae style for their second title track `ANTIFRAGILE,` with a catchy post-chorus and quirky choreo. Other honorable mentions from this EP include the ethereal melody ‘Impurities‘ and the punk rock tune `No Celestial.` There is still so much to come so you will never get bored!

The Members Get Along So Well

When stanning a K-Pop group it is also an important factor to tell if the members get along well, and it is no secret that the five girls do get along just like family! An example is during the dance practice for `ANTIFRAGILE` where Eunchae was having trouble with the beginning move, and her struggle started making her feel bad, but thanks to her fellow members who were there and constantly supporting her, Eunchae was lifted up and was able to do the choreo correctly. It is also obvious that LE SSERAFIM are close friends. As we see throughout behind the scenes footage, interviews, and performances, they always have each others backs and never let any drama come between them. What love stanning a group that also stans each other!

Their Style Is Immaculate

These days in K-Pop, style is definitely most important for a comeback, and LE SSERAFIM fashion is spot on. Our personal favorites are Yunjin’s fur coat in the `Antifragile` music video, Chaewon’s crop top and jeans in the ANTIFRAGILE photobook, along with all of the group’s white silky outfits in the ‘Impurities’ music video. LE SSERAFIM’s style is feminine and chic, ensuring anyone would turn their heads as they walked by. Field trip to their closet, please!

They Are Social Butterflies

A common trend going around the K-Pop industry is doing challenges based on choreos of comebacks on TikTok. With their latest hit `ANTIFRAGILE,` LE SSERAFIM has done the challenge with artists like Seventeen’s Seungkwan, TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Yeonjun, NewJeans’ Haerin, and TikTok sensation KEJIMIN! They are always full of life when they are with another group or artist, especially during award shows, and hopefully we can see more of that in the future!

There Is So Much More To Come

Even though so much content and music came from LE SSERAFIM this year, there is no sign of them stopping. Recently they released their first Japanese single ‘Fearless – Japanese version’ which is already exploding! There is so much to come from LE SSERAFIM, especially after a sneak preview of a new album called FORGIVEN after the `ANTIFRAGILE` music video. Be prepared for greatness!

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Do you still think they are fragile? LE SSERAFIM is about to take the world by storm and we are all here for it! 

What is your favorite thing about LE SSERAFIM? Comment down below or tweet us @thehoneypop !


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