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CRAVITY Show Us How A MASTER : PIECE Is Done Right

CRAVITY Show Us How A MASTER : PIECE Is Done Right


Let’s talk, talk about CRAVITY and the MASTER : PIECE they released. Puns right from the start? You bet we did that, and we are owning it! If you don’t get it, you will soon.

Honeybees, you know this habit we have, whenever we hear good music, we simply have to tell you all about it. How are we doing that with CRAVITY? We are going to break down the mini-album to see the little puzzle pieces that make it whole. Ready to dive in with us?

The ‘Groovy’ Piece

With nature awakening for spring and bringing color back into our lives, the K-Pop boy group is doing the same with its first drop for 2023. Especially with their title track ‘Groovy,’ which makes us move those hips and embrace all the good vibes.

The music video starts with a busy office where everyone is engulfed in their work, and we know we can relate to it. The fact it came out on a Monday hits even harder. Worry not, as that working environment in the clip doesn’t last for too long. In fact, the office becomes one of the boys’ dance floors that they own with their groovy moves. We wish our working space could be this fun. Oh, wait, it is, and it’s all thanks to CRAVITY!

For us at the THP HQ, ‘Groovy’ gives us life and motivation. It’s the song that is going to get us through the week and those to come, it just has that vibe, you know?

The Fun Pieces

The title isn’t the only track on MASTER : PIECE that has such a bright and mood-lifting atmosphere. Let us introduce you to ‘FLY’ and ‘A to Z.’

We can’t get the lyrics of ‘FLY’ out of our heads. If you’re anywhere near us, you’d be hearing us go: “We goin’ up, up, up to the city / We goin’ up, up, up to the sky / I wanna shake, shake, shake to the feeling” over and over, at completely random moments. This is how addicting this track is, and it’s just so fun to listen to that we don’t think we can get tired of it. Especially when this musical piece makes us feel like we can do anything we set our eyes on.

Let’s talk, talk about love,” just kidding, partly! Let’s talk about our love for ‘A to Z’ (now you know where our intro came from.) The song actually portrays the desire of wanting to know everything about a person, their A to Z. We find the track rather interesting, with its outstanding melody and yet another addictive and cute set of lyrics that got us hooked so quickly. You won’t regret listening to this one, you’ll only regret not doing so.

The Cool Pieces

We’re not saying the next tracks aren’t fun, but they do have a different charm to offer from the above. Suddenly, we’re feeling lifted into our ‘Baddie’ era, looking all cool while listening to these.

We aren’t lying when we say we got shivers from that beginning ‘Get Lifted’ gave us. Do you also feel the cool surge coming from this piece and filling you up with energy? The mix of hip-hop and rock? It’s way too good to be a skip. In conclusion, add this to your playlists for a better musical experience.

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CRAVITY is giving us a lot of beautiful, unique mixtures of sounds in this album, and ‘Baddie’ is another one. The power the song has over us because of its strong beat is truly impressive. Not just that, but the way the members deliver it makes us go wow. They really are “Baddie with an attitude,” and we can’t help but fall for their musical charms and talents even more.

The Piece That Completes It

Last on the list but not in our hearts, we have the second self-produced song by Woobin. yes, we’re talking about ‘Light the way.’ We know this is a song dedicated to the idols’ favorite: LUVITY, but we are certain the fans feel the same way toward their favorites too. Finishing with a gentle and heartwarming song may be quite the contrast to the previous tracks, but it contains just as much positivity in it, which makes it a great way to complete the album.

So, honeys, how are we feeling about CRAVITY’s MASTER : PIECE? Do you have a favorite track? Jump to our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to let us know!

And if you crave more K-Pop, we have some right here!


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